Marriage is Good By: Molly Warren

Marriage benefits kids

Good marriages give children the opportunity to avoid slipping into bad activities. Children raised in intact marriages are more likely to avoid poverty, abuse, dropping out of school, substance abuse, sexual activities, and committing crimes.

Children are more successful

In good marriages, children are more likely to succeed. They are more disciplined and know more about responsibility.

Married do better than unmarried

Social scientists say that people who are married do better that unmarried people. Married people tend to live longer, are healthier, happier, sexier, and live more successful.


Marriages are meant for life. 2 out of 3 marriages normally last until one partner has passed away. Also, 1 out of 2 second marriages last a lifetime.

Longer lives

Marriage benefits you by extending life by a few years. It is said that smoking reduces a mans years of living by 7. Marriage is said that it can increase a mans life by 7 years and 3 for a female.

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