Liberty University Haiti 2017 Business as missions

The Liberty University School of Business students partnered with Healing Haiti to embark on a 6 day trip to serve in Haiti, and learn more about how employers are using their business platforms to make disciples.

DAY 1: Haiti Design Co-op & Rebuild Globally

HAITI DESIGN CO-OP: a business providing jobs and training for specific marketable skillsets, such as metalwork and leatherwork. One interesting topic we discussed was the need for clarity in the quality of work to be produced by the Haitian employees, in a quality control context.

Haitian Employees Hard at work
Well-displayed products!

REBUILD GLOBALLY: an organization that provides dignity through job creation. We had the chance to hear a firsthand story of how the opportunity to work can turn lives around.

The organization rents the property with all portable buildings!
The main product offered was sandals made of recycled tires.
DAY 2: Water Distribution & Haitian Initiative
We followed a Mack truck filled with fresh water to three different locations in City Soleil, organized lines for water distribution, and loved on the families and kids that came to receive the water.
So many people were brought together for the common goal of the pure necessity of water, just as we are all in need of Living Water. John 4:13-14 "Jesus answered, “Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”

HAITIAN INITIATIVE: An afterschool soccer program that provides kids with the opportunity to grow in discipline and skill, in addition to a nutritious meal and English lessons.

DAY 3: Peace Cycle, Fleri Farmland & Papillon Enterprises

PEACE CYCLE: a company creating Haitian jobs through recycling empty "water bags" seen as trash into works of art.

A Haitian worker begins the assembly line by cutting the bags open.
Some of the many products!

FLERI FARMS: a new Healing Haiti endeavor to sustain their businesses with local farming, and to create jobs in the process.

Fresh coconuts were among the many produce options made available with this new piece of land.
The whole group enjoyed a tour of the farm!

PAPILLON ENTERPRISES: with over 300 employees, Papillon seeks to provide artisan development and collaboration in addition to job creation.

Haitian women complete the process of meticulously forming an array of beads.
A Haitian employee carefully paints the hand-formed mugs.
DAY 4: Grace Village
GRACE VILLAGE: Healing Haiti's Elementary School, Family-Style Orphanage, and Health Clinic all purposed to serve the people of Titanyen.
FLERI BAKERY: A commercial-style bakery and restaurant creating training opportunities for teenagers transitioning out of school, and job openings for chefs in the area.
ELDERS: We had the chance to minister to some personable Elders in the community by washing their feet, praying over them, and singing songs of praise with them.
DAY 5: Water Distribution

We enjoyed one more day of helping the City Soleil community receive water on Saturday!

Restavek (or slave) children would cling tightly to us, heartbreakingly indicating the lack of care and love they received at home.

DAY 6: Church & Mountaintop View
PORT-AU-PRINCE FELLOWSHIP: An English-speaking church meeting at Quisqueya Christian School

As we neared the end of our trip, we were able to visit the top of Port-au-Prince, where the Upperclass of the area resides. An enlightening element of this trip was the exposure to the poverty of the lower class, the hope of situational improvement present with the development of new businesses and jobs (essentially the initiative to expand the Middle-class) and the bridge that these edeavors will provide between Upper and Lower-class Haiti.

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