The comeback of Injun Joe By alexis lévesque

They find the box but when tom go at the entrance , Injun Joe are not there and the hole is block.
-Tom I'm affraid! said Huck
-It is okay we just have to dig, say Tom
The two boy start to dig but Injun Joe comes hit Huck whit is knife in the leg.Tom takes a dirt and throw it on his face. Injun Joe falls on the ground and Tom kills him. Now Tom digs rapidly and take out Huck of the cave. After, Tom puts some grass on the leg of Huck
-It is okay Huck, said tom
Tom go search a nurse to help us.
-Stay there , say Tom.
I'm comeback in one hour,say Tom
One hour after, Tom is back with a nurse. The nurs helps Huck to stand up and go on the boat.
Thanks you ,said Huck.
Who do that to you? said the nurse.
That are Injun Joe, said Huck.
But Injun Joe was death, said the nurse.
No that was not real but now I kill him said Tom.
But now we can celebrate we are rich, said Huck.
Finally, the two boys are the richest boy in st-Petersbug.


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