Oxford: A Historical Treasure What pieces leave lasting memories in the Oxford Community.

Oxford has always been known as a small community, but it is much more than just a town in the state of Mississippi. Oxford possesses some of the richest history and artifacts in the United States. No matter if tourists are passing through or if locals are walking by they will see in these selected photos that the pictures display the most unique and relatable moments of what locals and tourists have seen in the town of Oxford, Mississippi.

When first arriving into the town of Oxford, Mississippi people will see the tall, sky blue colored water tower with the town's name painted on it in white. This water tower lies right outside of the Square and can be seen from all angles when walking around in the downtown area of Oxford.
When traveling less than a half-mile south of the Square, many will see where William Faulkner and his wife lay. This grave is a well known tourist attraction and still popular with locals because of the tradition the grave bears when visited. Each visitor must take a shot of the whiskey (typically Jim Bean or Jack Daniels) provided at the grave site in order to honor Faulkner and the tradition.
Here lies C.S. Lewis's novel "The Screwtape Letters" inside the World famous book store, Square Books. Square Books lies in the heart of the Square and many people come through every day to find a new book to read. There's no doubt that this store will have the book you've been looking for.
This sky blue 1951 Chevrolet represents all Ole Miss colors and possesses the old Colonel Rebel logo. This car owned by the Marketplace Wine and Spirits sits right outside of the Shell gas station, it draws in many tourists as they leave Oxford. This car always ensures to draw all kinds of attention along Sisk Ave, right off of highway 7.
Here along the Square in front of Town Hall is a statue of William Faulkner. Many tourists will come here to take pictures of friends and family next to the statue, while sitting on the bench.


Photo Taken by Collin Rivera

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