The Aesthetic Art Work Hailey Cavin

As I entered the museum, all I could hear was the footsteps of those taking in the art around them. This peice was created in 1988 and its name is Islandia, Goddess of the Healing Water and stands for a "social healing and regeneration" (the Harn Museum). Everyone would see this piece when entering and/or leaving the museum full of art.

I feel as if the placement of putting it in the center of the walk way to signify the importance the artist is trying to reach out. It looks as if she is signaling people to follow her, knows where the path is and where it is taking them.

This piece is called The Grove, full of vibrant colors that sparked an interest in me. As I look at it, takes me back to when I was younger, swinging on a tire swing, staying outside from dawn to dusk. I think the place that was painted was peaceful, no distraction, just myself and my mind.

This photographic art really touched home for me. Its sad to think about how some of us Americans take freedom for granted, not thinking about the ones who go to war, so civilians dont have to. The men and women who fought for freedom either made it back unharmed, injured, or dead. While that's going on, other civilians go on with their daily lives and not think about those who serves for us.

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