Sunscreen Wear it the right way

By Tamara

Research carried out by the Teenage Cancer Trust in 2015 showed over a third of young people between 13-24 don’t use sun protection in the UK because they don’t think the sun is strong enough to damage skin, however according to Cancer Research, burning as a child or teen can increase the risk of skin cancer in later life. So now is just the right time to get your sun care sorted…

What SPF should you be wearing?

Obviously the higher the number the better the protection. For example if you normally burn after half an hour without sunscreen, an SPF 30 will protect you for 30 times longer. I would always use and recommend a minimum of SPF 30 AND wear a facial sun cream all year round.

So how much sun cream do I actually need to use?

It’s simple if you remember the teaspoon rule, one teaspoon of sun cream each for arms, legs, torso and face, and don’t forget your neck and ears!

If you don’t want sun cream getting caught in hairs on legs or arms use an invisible sunscreen spray, make sure skin has a sheen of spray (around 4 seconds for each area) and lightly rub over to ensure you’re completely covered.

Apart from the SPF what else do I need to look for?

Look for the stars – it’s not just the SPF level you need to look out for, check the UVA star guide, it usually appears on the back of the packaging as a circle with stars from 1-5. It allows you to see the level of protection your sunscreen offers from UVA rays (a leading cause of wrinkles and major contributor to many types of skin cancer).

Personally I wouldn’t use anything lower than 3 stars with a minimum of SPF30.

My Make Up Has SPF so I don’t need Suncream right?

Wrong, SPF in most make up will probably only give you a reduced or low level of protection as you won’t be applying enough foundation to give your skin full protection. Try using a facial sun cream instead of a daily moisturiser and apply make-up over the top.

Nivea have a great selection for all skin types that are non-greasy and don’t leave a white film over skin.

My Top Tips:

1. Use a facial sun cream as you would a daily moisturiser, apply after cleansing to dry skin at least 30 mins before you go out.

2. Use your sun cream as a primer under make up , simply wait at least five minutes before applying foundation to allow it to sink in.

3. A sunblock stick can help to tame unruly brows as well as keep lips moisturised.

4. Top up facial sun protection with an SPF invisible spray mist, spray directly over the face without disturbing make up or having to start from scratch.

5. If you’re out and about after school ask parents to buy a small bottle of sun cream to keep in your school bag so you’ll have sun protection handy.

Tamara's Faves

UltraSun Glimmer SPF50+ adds a gorgeous golden shimmer to skin, looks amazing in the sun and allows you to see where you have missed when you apply! RRP £26 for 150ml
Nivea Sun Face Cream Anti-Aging SPF 30, my personal favourite, this facial sun cream keeps skin moisturised, glides on smoothly without any greasiness. RRP £6.00 for 50ml.
Asda Protect Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF 30 - This lotion sinks into skin, is so easy to apply, and offers 5 star UVA protection, all for just £2.39 for 200ml.
PS…Sun Protect Clear Spray with Coconut Water SPF 50, a water resistant clear spray with a yummy coconut fragrance. RRP £4.00 for 150ml.

So if the sun's out, get the cream on, and have fun, safely.

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