911 What's your emergency?

Students met with LMPD to discuss what to do in an emergency and what defines an emergency. Students got to watch a great video on how to call for help, what to say and how to stay calm. Later, kids got pamphlets and a certificate for their participation.

Students in 2Sp received a pizza party for their amazing hard work!

Mr. Harriton came to perform for the second grade- showing off their dance routines! Check out the LMSD calendar for ticket information.

Learning all about Dubai and its 10 "must see" attractions..

Ski Dubai- 22,500 square meters of indoor skiing, 85 meters high! Dubai Miracle Garden- A real "Alice in Wonderland" experience. The largest natural flower garden with over 189 million flowers and the worlds largest butterfly garden. The World Islands- 300 man made islands that look like a world map from the sky; 9/300 islands developed. Dubai Mall- The largest mall in the world- 50 American Football Fields in length with over 1200 stores and housing the Dubai Aquarium! The largest indoor aquarium with over 33,000 creatures from 200 different species. Known also for the worlds largest single piece of acrylic containing the fish as well as the rescued crocodile from Texas! Dubai Dino is also located in the mall- the most complete dinosaur skeleton in the world- over 8 meters tall and 25 meters long- 155 million years old! The Burj Khalifa- (Burj=tower)- the tallest building in the world with 163 floors, the highest observation deck on the 144th floor and it has the fastest elevator in the world! It can go to the observation deck in 1 min! The Palm Jumeirah, shaped like a palm tree, is the largest man made islands! The Burj Al Arab- the world's only 7 star hotel, with a Royal Suite work 28,000 per night! Lastly, the Dubai Fountain- the world's largest choreographed fountain system with water that shoots 500 ft. in the air and has over 6,600 lights!

Ranger Daniel from Point Lobos National State Park

Taking us on a canoe tour through the giant brown kelp forest, the kids learned about photosynthesis, blades, stipes, floats and how animals like to camouflage. They learned how the kelp stays in place with a "hold fast" (photographed). What a wonderful trip!!!

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