The Gold Rush by kaya wass

The name of my group is miners in gold rush. The time period in which they moved west was 1849. An overall summary of the Gold Rush would be that the discovery of good in the Sacramento valley triggered the gold rush.

Three individuals that were part of the group were, James Wilson Marshall, Goerge c. Briggs, and lastly Edward Mattenson. James Wilson Marshall was originally a carpenter from New Jersey. Goerge C. Briggs was a farmer from Ohio. Lastly Edwars Mattenson was from Conecticut, while he was a miner he used a special technique to find the gold.

This group had moved west becuase they heard about the gold that was being found, so a lot of the population went becuase they wanted fortune.

They had located and stopped in states such as, Nevada, Arizona, South Dakota...ect

Thought their journey no mountain, river, or canyon would get in their way and stop them. As more people came to the gold rush adventure and headed west there had soon to be no larger find anywhere else but California. During this time there was 2 billion dollars worth of precious metal dug up from the area where they were focused on finding gold. The journey was difficult between the mountains, weather, and not finding great fortune like California.

Overall there was a variation between success and unsuccessful people during the 1849 Gold Rush

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