Inject Creativity Live 17/02/2021

Joining Tim, Jerry and me this week is...

AEL Jason Lane and

Thought leader Dan Haesler!

Jason Lane

AEL and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert

Jason's combination of Adobe & Microsoft products is always a highlight to see and learn from :)

Jason loves finding relatable ways to make content approachable. He demonstrated how creating a Spark Page can translate into an embeddable asset in a OneNote Notebook. Students can use OneNote to share and collaborate, and Jason uses Spark with OneNote to share live content with his students, with great intention :)

Jason demonstrated how the share and publish feature enables him to easily create. share and update his content in OneNote to help students learn.

He then went on to demonstrate how he can directly share a Spark Page using the integration with Adobe to share directly into Teams (without having to use an embed code)!

Jason is all about adding meaningful resources, and then building context for his students around them.

He demonstrated another method to embed meaningful content, by downloading an image from Spark Post and popping the file as an uploaded picture into OneNote:

You can use this to have the image embedded into OneNote UNDER the desktop, so students can write over the image like an IRL notebook!

Dan Haesler

Author of the book School of Thought and he is the director of Cut Through Coaching & Consulting

Dan works with elite athletes & teams as well as corporate leaders & educators and his work centres on happier, healthier and higher performance.

He is an international keynote speaker and has shared the stage with the late great Sir Ken Robinson on numerous occasions. He regularly presents alongside industry leaders on topics of leadership, mindset, motivation and peak performance.

Dan discussed the importance of students having a positive sense of belonging. He detailed that how all the apps and funky furniture will have to be AMAZING to offset a student not having a sense of wellbeing and belonging at school.

He encourages schools to ask students who it is that they trust... that they will go to if they have a problem or need help. Those are the crucial people that students feel are approachable and give them a sense of connectedness.

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