Collegium Newsletter March 27, 2017

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Mark Your Calendar!

Monday, Mar. 27th - Day 1

  • Grades K-6: St. Jude's Mathathon Begins
  • NHS Sponsored Red Cross Blood Drive 7:00am - 6:00pm @ 535 Gym
  • 150 Building: Grades 2 & 3 Art Club 3:45pm - 4:45pm @ 150 Art Room #908
  • 150 Building: K & 1 Art Club 3:45pm - 4:45pm @ 150 Art Room #802
  • Baseball vs. Morrisville 3:45pm @ Morrisville High School
  • Girls' Lacrosse vs. Nazareth Academy 3:45pm @ United Sports
  • Grades 9-11: Dual Enrollment Information Night for Students and Parents 7:00pm - 9:00pm @ 535 Lecture Hall

Tuesday, Mar. 28th - Day 2

  • CCS Art Show Dine & Donate 5:00pm - 9:00pm @ The Pour House Restaurant in Exton

Wednesday, Mar. 29th - Day 3

  • MS Band and Orchestra Field Trip @ Radnor High School
  • Board of Trustees Public Meeting 1:00pm @ 435 Conference Room
  • 468 Building: K & 1 Art Club 3:45pm - 4:45pm @ 486 Building Art Room #531
  • Girls' Lacrosse vs. Academy Park 3:45pm @ Academy Park High School

Thursday, Mar. 30th - Day 4

  • 500 Building: Grades 4-6 Art Club 3:45pm - 4:45pm @ 500 Art Room
  • MS Baseball vs. Renaissance Academy 3:45pm @ Desanno Field
  • Baseball vs. Lincoln Leadership Academy 4:00pm @ Lincoln Leadership Academy
  • National Art Honor Society Induction 6:00pm @ 535 Lecture Hall

Friday, Mar. 31st - Day 5

  • 150 & 468 Buildings: Career Day
  • Grades 7-12: End of 3rd Marking Period
  • Baseball vs. Phil-Mont Christian Academy 3:45pm @ Phil-Mont Christian Academy
  • HS Gala Concert (Proceeds Benefit HS Music Dept.) - Ticketed Event 6:30pm @ 515 Auditorium

Upcoming PSSA Testing

The Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA) for grades 3-8 begins Monday, April 3rd and will follow the schedule outlined below. It is important that students are well-rested, eat a healthy breakfast, and arrive to school on time for their assessments.

English/LA (April 3rd-6th)

  • Grades 3-6: 8:40am-10:40am
  • Grades 7-8: 7:48am-10:47am

Math (April 24th-26th)

  • Grades 3-6: 8:40am-10:40am
  • Grades 7-8: 7:48am-10:47am

Science (May 1st and 2nd)

  • Grade 4: 8:40am-10:40am
  • Grade 8: 7:48am-10:47am

Please take a moment to also review the parent/guardian information, linked below, outlining frequently asked questions and the policy related to electronic devices.

Chester County Science Research Competition Results

We had three 6th-12th grade students who were invited to attend the Chester County Science Research Competition Awards this past week. Those three students came home with seven awards!

Malavika Menon

Malavika Menon (6th grade) was awarded 1st Place of all 6th-8th grade Environmental Science projects. She also won The Devin Redding Best Use of Chemistry or Biology to Solve an Environmental Problem Award for her project, Bioplastics - For a Better Planet.

Julianna Ohnjec (left) and Anusha Kalavacharla (right).

Anusha Kalavacharla (11th grade) was awarded 1st Place of all 11th grade Medicine and Health projects. She also won The Richard and Patti Smith Medicine and Health Award and 1st Place Best in Show of all 11th grade projects! Anusha's project is titled, Understanding the Role of MGluR Astrocytic Receptors on Neuronal Synchronization in Chicken Embryos.

Julianna Ohnjec (12th grade) was awarded 1st Place of all 12th grade Physics projects. She also won 3rd Place Best in Show of all 12th grade projects for her project, The Effect of Material Density on Sound Insulation.

These three ladies will now represent CCS at the tri-state competition in April. Congratulations!

2017-2018 Student Placement Requests

Parents of elementary students who have concerns regarding their child’s placement for next year should email to their child's current Principal, Mrs. Mraz (150 Building) or Dr. Wight-Mahoney (468 & 500 Buildings).

Your email should relay your concern(s) and share your child's strengths and weaknesses, along with an idea of the teaching style and learning environment that works best for your child. Please also let us know if you want siblings in the same building or other special requests/considerations.

Parent emails or letters must be received by April 1st. Requests for specific teachers will not be honored. Requests received after the due date will not be processed.

CCS High School Music Gala Concert

Please join our HS Music Department, Friday, March 31st at 6:30pm in the 515 Auditorium, and enjoy a night of collaborative performances by our talented student musicians!

The Gala Concert will feature large choral and orchestral works by Mozart, Grieg, Holst and familiar pieces from the films Amistad and The Hunger Games. This concert is offered as a fundraiser and donations will be collected at the door. All proceeds will benefit the HS Music Department.

For more information and to register for your free tickets, please access the concert website linked below and use ccscougars as the password.

Rescheduled Dual Enrollment Night at the High School

Attention 9th-11th Grade Students and Parents/Guardians

Collegium Charter School will be hosting a Dual Enrollment Information Night on Monday, March 27th in the 535 Lecture Hall from 7:00pm-9:00pm. Our event was previously scheduled for March 14th, but was rescheduled due to winter weather.

Dual Enrollment is a partnership program with Delaware County Community College that allows students to take college courses for credit while still in High School. If you are interested in attending this event, please RSVP via email to Ms. Tracey.

150 Building Physical Education News

Jump Rope for Heart Gifts Update: Gifts should arrive and be distributed before our Spring Break. Thank you again for your support!

P.E. Uniform Reminder: Students are required to wear their P.E. uniform and sneakers on days they are scheduled for Physical Education. Please be sure to either send them in sneakers or have students bring their sneakers in their book bags. Thank you!

National Honor Society Blood Drive

Our HS National Honor Society (NHS) is hosting a Blood Drive on Monday, March 27th in the 535 Gymnasium. With the recent weather, the Red Cross lost over 6,800 donations and 225 blood drives due to snow cancellations. This reality makes our NHS Blood Drive even more important. Please sign up using the link below and use CollegiumCS as the Sponsor Code.

Please note that the Red Cross has the location incorrectly listed as 515 Library. The correct location is the 535 Gymnasium. Lastly, please remember that just one pint of blood can save up to three lives!

Questions? Please email Ms. Whisler.

500 Building Honor Roll

Congratulations to our hardworking students who achieved Honor Roll for the second trimester!

Sixth Grade High Honors

GPA of 93% or better, and no grade below 85%.

Lilyanna Alvarez, Hannah Au, Mackenzie Barton, Olivia Brusco, Cecilia Buchanan, Brian Campbell, Michelle Canel, Nicholas Carabio, Teilo Castro, Dahlia Coen, Ava Colon, Conner Erich, Joshua Franck, Patrick Gallagher, Mark Hinlo, Kylie Hogg, Abigail Holton, Aditi Inamdar, Nicholas Kiley, Tanner Kramer, Jay Labik, Andrew Lis, Melanie Luong, Abhishek Mahesh, Nile Mahmood, Addison Mann, Tamlynn Margolin, Brian McCoy, Malavika Menon, Delaney Mitchell, Sophia Morrison, Grace O'Brien, Madison Ott, Kendall Radwick, Lyndsey Reef, Elizabeth Riehl, Josue Roman, Kolby Ronan, Mitchell Russum, Ethan Rutkowski, Timothy Salmon, Carina Sanchez Valdez, Rose Sethachutkul, Grace Steimel, Iman Tariq, and Skye Zolomij.

Sixth Grade Honors

GPA of 85% or better, and no grade below 85%.

John Acello, Victoreya Anderson, Sequoia Drake, Rylee Fry, Adam Johnson, Kristina Kaiser, Sarah Kerrigan, Ronald Lawrence, Austin Leslie, Hailey March, Ariyanna McKim, Ryan Miller, Angela Morris, Aidan Mullikin, Chabari Murungi, Robert Porreca, Paige Rider, Chelsea Scarani, Lauren Solitario, Aryana Stevenson, Cole Sutton, and Jasir Twyman.

Fifth Grade High Honors

GPA of 93% or better, and no grade below 85%.

Isabella Agatone, Madden Alexander, MacKenzie Anderson, Ian Bailey, Alexander Bochnowicz, Hailey Burke, Andrew Carver, Connor Cianciulli, Luis Colmenares-Bittar Jr, Riya Desai, Venkat Devabhakthuni, Dominique Dillard, Brandon Erskine, Alexander Fedor, Andrew Fedor, Kereagan Gallant, Kya Gallimore, Mustafa Gilani, Gabrielle Green, Nicholas Gross, Ian Hackett, Ainsley Harris, Raiann Hawes, Breyanna Heidler, Nathan Hitchens, Reginald Holmes, Hooria Iqbal, Eesha Jadhav, Rishab Jain, Markos Karros, Gurleen Kaur, Clayton Krieger, Shubham Kulkarni, Caitlin Lamplugh, Andrea Lara-Marcial, Joash Linson, Leen Madanat, Khalil Mendez, Chaitra Moligi, Sienna Morales, Alexa Mork, Dhriti Munagala, Aaron Myrie, Stephen Ohrn, Odote Ondiek, Yash Patel, Courtney Powell, Aryana Pugh, Paige Ramsey, Maya Ranish, Olin Rubinow, Itzel Salgado, Evan Schnitzius, Foram Shah, Ishan Shah, Pranav Shenoy, Courtney Smethurst, Nicholas Steinfeldt, Matthew Thomas, Mia Toman, Jordan Toth, Keyaira Tozer, Jordan Vollrath, Jacqueline Weer, Morgan Widner, Jack Wolf, and Chase Woolfolk.

Fifth Grade Honors

GPA of 85% or better, and no grade below 85%.

Saereen Ahmed, Emily Anderson, Sophia Anderson, Kylie Borden, Ivan Cartagena, Lindsey Compton, ShoShoni Drake, Olivia Forlano, Marquece Gallimore, Natalia Guzman-Murrey, Anailah Lamb-Towles, Penelope Lang, Joseph Mathew, Evelyn Mercado Sanchez, Joshua Pryor, Kevin Sanchez, Vivian Schreiber, Shawn Sims, Madison Solt, Aubrey Sooter, Olivia Wakefoose, and Madeline Yeingst.

Fourth Grade High Honors

GPA of 93% or better, and no grade below 85%.

Marek Bako, Madison Baldwin, Mallory Bogle, Ethan Burr, Shane Burr, Dylan Butts, Addison Carter, Manan Chheda, Karen Chin, Giancarlo Cocco, Aaron Colella, Corina Colmenares-Bittar, Juan Pablo Colmenares-Bittar, Jacob Comarato, Ashley Coria-Flores, Monika DeSpirito, Norah DeTurck, Daniel Dolan, Erin Dolan, Anya Drew, Autumn Frost, Colin Gallagher, Sofia Garzon, Bennett Geibel, Maura Haughey, Sarah Houpt, Lauren Jackson, Adarsh Kabekkodu, Shane Keeler, Emma Keen, Noah Keen, Sofia Keith, Vrishti Kulkarni, Juliana Lane, Kate Laughlin, Sophia Le, Kayla Lusby, Saaketh Manapoti, Xavier McClanahan, Andrew McFarlane, Sakshi Mehta, Pooja Menon, Bennett Miller, Eric Morrison, Alice Newlin, Sisira Noolu, Walker O'Brien, Samantha Ocran, Ebunoluwa Ojikutu, David Rager, Ibrahim Rana, Michael Riehl, Julius Rigo, Leila Rubin, Fiona Rupp, Elsa Sagers, Jacqueline Sanchez Castaneda, Saena Sarkari, Alexander Shank, Devanshi Sharma, Hazel Simms, Rachael Smith, Lily Spears, Evelyn Staehle, Annika Swanson, Brooke Taylor, Srija Vemuri, Maya Weeks, Aneyah Williams, Naomi Wright, and William Wynne.

Fourth Grade Honors

GPA of 85% or better, and no grade below 85%.

Rylan Alderman, John Anderson, Cameron Bershas, Nicole Bierlmaier, Luke Bonnes, Sophia Butler, Nasiir Campbell, Ana Cortez-Ramirez, Coriana DiBerardino, Bella Fanelli, Joaquin Fernandes, Analiese Gramo, Omar Helali, Lourdes Jimenez, Laila Jones, Hayden Katzor, Brooke Kauffman, Ridhi Kumar, Chase McBrearty, Zachary McFarlane, Alan Mercado, Srija Nagam, Ayaan Nisaar, Isabella Ortiz, Logan Peters, Ellen Ramsey, Isabella Reck, Boden Riehl, Hamza Rovi, Sydney Scherrer, Ryan Schumann, Taylor Scott, Keira Seegmueller, Brady Sharp, Isaac Smith, Velmiana Soto-Vega, Wesley Steiger, Emerson Wagner, Marissa Walker, and Lanorde Wheeler III.

3rd Grade Honor Roll

Congratulations to our hardworking students who achieved Honor Roll for the second trimester!

Third Grade High Honors

GPA of 93% or better, and no grade below 85%.

Danica Aaronson, Ryanne Allen, Ryleah Avery, Meredith Baccile, Nia Badgujar, Althea Balmonte, Gabrielle Bookard, Noah Boone, Zoey Borys, Allison Burke, Sydney Cammer, Sophia Compton, Lily Copeland, Hailey Crane, Devyn Davenport, Charlotte Dawson, Abigail DePietropaolo, Ashritha Dunaboyina, Avery Dunn, Samantha Egolf, Campbell Elkins, Caleb Fedon, Marin Gaspari, Miyako Glemser, Brody Golder-Marinari, Gavin Gonzalez, Zaden Green, Evan Gross, Landon Gustafson, Laney Harlan, Camille Holman, Charles Inga, Warrin John, Rishan Joseph, Hannah Kaplan, Ishaan Karamchandani, Ryleigh Kerrigan, Connor Knecht, Alexander Kouras, Charlotte Kupski, Destinee Leister, Aydia MacGuire, Sahana Manigandan, Max Martini, Adonis Miller, Lillian Miller, Samantha Moses, McKenna Mullen, Brianna Mulvaney, Kevin Murphy, Malin Neff, Prisha Negi, Isabelle Newman, Avery Noel, Mason Norris, Rowen O'Brien, Patrick O'Hara II, Madelyn Okolowicz, McKenna Ott, Starlie Ouellette, Anthony Pandosh, Casey Pasberg-Albright, Emma Patten, Alyssa Perry, Anastasia Podolak, Brent Quigley, Viraaj Randhawa, Misha Rao, Hailey Regener, Mohib-ur Rehman, Aidan Rieder, Casey Rodriguez, Mehul Rojy, Isabella Sanchez, Nishant Saraswat, Dylan Scarani, Madelyn Schuibbeo, Rosalinda Segarra, Ella Seijo, George Simeone, Ava Smith, Aidan Soler, Presley Solt, Sadie Staszowski, Bailey Strobridge, Samantha Strohm, Carrington Taylor, Jason Thankachan, Jahsirra Thomas, Christos Trifonas, Ashton Ulmer, Shaina Ulmer, Alexander Van Remoortel, Kathryn Vilchock, Adeline Wu, Joshua Young, and Ashley Zavaleta.

Third Grade Honors

GPA of 85% or better, and no grade below 85%.

Patrick Anderson, Lauren Ayers, Connor Bergman, Nayda Bookman, Matilda Bruton, Nicholas Cammer, Brian Carter, Asher Chaney, Alicia Clark, Julianna Cotter, Peter Dowding, Madeline Ebright, Gabriel Ercolino, Hailey Feltcher, Aasiyah Ferguson-Brown, Brogan Fleitz, Faith Garrett, Grant Geers, Moriah Green, Marjorie Hagan, Leeloo Hart, Madeline Hicks, Jackson Hursh, Lucas Hursch, Declan Jamison, Joshua Jones-Pinilla, Mhiruny Keleta Williams, Krishna Koyyalamudi, Schae Kramer, Jad Madanat, Rylan Maloney, Shawn Mawson, Harrison Mendenhall, Matthew Mitroka, Samantha Mungai, Adrian Naranjo, Krithika Nemala, Isabella Picciocchi, Caleb Pryor, Aras Reid, Ramyah Robinson, Juan Rojas, Hanna Saad, Makayla Schuibbeo, Abiha Shahid, Zain Smith, Braydon Spina, Karina Thomas, Giselle Torres, Ryan Wagner, Chase Wakefoose, Max Winder, and Francisco Zavaleta.

Collegium Employee Spotlight

This Newsletter section highlights one Collegium employee each week and allows families and students to get to know them even more. Now, when you see featured employees on campus, you'll have a better chance of being able to greet them by name and strike up conversations!

Character Counts

Grades K-6th Character Development Program: Fairness, Responsibility, Respect, Citizenship, Trustworthiness, and Caring.

Here at Collegium, students are recognized by staff for their good character and their names and photos are added to the Good Character Walls. We have new additions to our Good Character Walls:

  • Gabrielle Gonzalez
  • Mrs. Frank's Entire Class
  • Yasmine Fritzinger
  • Chase Cordova
  • Hailey Crane

Camp Collegium 2017

Registration for Camp Collegium 2017 is at capacity. We are now accepting registration forms for waiting list placement only. Families are encouraged to submit their completed registration information quickly, as program waiting list placement is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Visit the Summer Camps page of our website for detailed information. If you're ready to submit registration information now, please access the link below. Questions? Please email our Director of Child Care Programs, Ms. Horsey.

*New* Specialty Summer Camps at CCS

Collegium recently developed new Specialty Summer Camp opportunities. During the week of June 19th, we are proud to offer a Basketball Camp and a Drama Camp. Camps will be run by Collegium employees and coaches.

Registration will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. Both Specialty Summer Camps are expected to fill up quickly, so please don't wait to register. For more information and to start the registration process, please access the Specialty Summer Camps Registration Form, below.

Questions? Please email our Director of Athletics and Extra-Curricular Activities, Mr. McCain.

Collegium Cougar Classic 5K

Event Registration: Our 2nd Annual Cougar Classic 5K will take place Saturday, April 22nd, right here on campus. Activities include a 5K, 1 Mile Fun Run/Walk, and a Kids' Dash. Registration is open! For more information, registration, and details on how to become a sponsor, access the link below.

Event Sponsors: Collegium is seeking sponsors for our Cougar Classic 5K. Businesses, families, or individuals are welcome to become sponsors. Over 500 people registered for the race last year, so it's especially great exposure for small businesses! Click on the link below for more information. Thank you!

From the CCS Home and School Association (HSA)

Serving in a capacity similar to a Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) or Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO), our HSA owes its success to the efforts of our many parent, teacher, and staff volunteers!

PAWsitive Praise

Thank you to all the parents who came out to our rescheduled general meeting last week. There were some new and exciting ideas being discussed and we loved the energy!

*NEW* Cougar Family Cookbook

The HSA is publishing the first Cougar Family Cookbook, featuring a wide variety of recipes directly from our students, staff, and families! We are extremely excited to offer this family-oriented opportunity and hope our cookbook becomes an annual celebration of Collegium’s unique diversity.

All recipes can be submitted online and recipes must be sent before April 21st. For additional information, please access our Cougar Family Cookbook Information and Order Form.

Questions about submitting recipes? Please email CCS parent and HSA volunteer, Sara Newman. Questions about the HSA? Please email us directly!

Comedy Night Sponsored by the HSA

Only one week left until Comedy Night! Get your tickets now!

Join us Saturday, April 1st for the HSA's first-ever Comedy Night Fundraiser! This is not an April Fool's Day joke! While the show will be clean and appropriate for all ages, our event is limited to adults only.

The HSA also partnered with parents of our music students traveling to Iceland to make Child Care available for Comedy Night, April 1st, in the 500 Building from 6:00pm-9:15pm. All children must be picked up by 9:15pm without exception.

For each family, Comedy Night Child Care is $20.00 (first child) and $15.00 (each additional child). All children must be potty trained. Pizza, juice, and snack will be provided! Purchase Comedy Night tickets (including Comedy Night Child Care) by accessing the link below.

Questions? Email CCS parent, Claire Hackett, or call her at 215-285-3381.

Discounted Hershey Park Tickets For Sale

Heading to Hershey Park this year? Order your tickets at a discount courtesy of the HSA! To order discounted Hershey Park tickets, complete the order form (below) and return with payment by Friday, March 31st. You save while the HSA earns, it's a true win-win.

HSA Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for an opportunity to help the HSA? All volunteers must have clearances on file with the school (unless otherwise noted). There are many opportunities still available.

Save the Dates

The HSA still has a lot of fun events planned for the rest of the school year. Mark these dates on your calendar and keep an eye on the HSA Facebook page for more details!

  • April 12th – Urban Air Fundraiser
  • April 19th – CCS Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A (Downingtown and Lionville)
  • April 21st – LAST DAY to Submit Cougar Family Cookbook Recipes
  • May 1st-5th – Teacher Appreciation Week
  • May 6th – LAST DAY to Order the Cougar Family Cookbook
  • May 13th – Ladies' Night Out Bingo

Our Next HSA Meeting

Our regularly scheduled meeting for April will be adjusted due to the CCS Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A. The date and time will be determined and shared ASAP on the HSA Facebook Page. Have you liked us on Facebook? Take a minute to access our page, review our recent posts, and get involved by giving us a "Like" or leave a comment!

Our April meeting will still be held in the Conference Room of the 435 Building. interest in attending? Let us know! Just complete our interest form, below.

Community Opportunities

While CCS does not endorse this or any other program outside CCS, we pass along information on community opportunities that CCS families may want to explore. Our Community Opportunities section will not include information about non-CCS fundraisers or information from for-profit companies.

Rebound: The Chris Herren Story - Chris Herren is a former NBA basketball player, motivational speaker, author, and sobriety advocate who struggled with substance abuse for much of his basketball career. Free of alcohol and drugs since August 1, 2008, he refocused his life, to put his sobriety and family above all else. With the hope of reaching just one person and making an impact in his/her life, Chris Herren travels the United States sharing his story with colleges, high schools, community groups, and organizations. Learn more about Chris Herren's April 4th appearance at Downingtown West High School by accessing the link below.

Collegium Main Number


Campus Main Office Extensions

  • 468/486 Building: ext. 6401
  • 150 Building: ext. 6811
  • 500 Building: ext. 6106
  • 515 Building: ext. 6336
  • 535 Building: ext. 6602

Collegium reserves the right to edit submissions and deny material for submission if deemed inappropriate or if it is determined to be of little or no interest to CCS families.

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