The people came to farm and trade with the indians.

they are trading corn for fish.

King Charles the 2 gave pennsylvania to William Penn.

this shows King Charles the second giving William Penn Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania is 28 million acres long.

Pennsylvania is 28 million acres long.

Pennsylvania means penns woods in latin

it says penn woods above this but you cant see it.

Penn decided to call Philadelphia as the capital of pennsylavania.

just so you all know this says philadelphia.

By 1700 over 4000 setterlers were in pennsylvania.

There were over 4000 people in pennsylvania by 1700.

Benjamin franklin lived in philadelphia.

benjamin franklin

Philadelphia was the capital four times before washington dc was.

then now

Since philadelphia was the capital they held continental congress meetings.

Philadelphia has meetings since its the capital.

I hope you liked it.

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