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Vicentes Child Hood, he was born in February 17, 1940 , Huentitán El Alto, Guadalajara, Mexico. He started singing at the age of 9 and began his career at the age of 18. And also worked at his fathers resturaunt
He didnt attend school, he just worked then later on on his career sang. He picked up a guitar and was tought how to play and just sang and found out he had a gift.
His father had an old guitar and Vicente was interested, so his father tought him and picked up on it and sang , later then pursued his career as a musician
Early in his career he had drinking problems and another bump on the road is that his dad died in spring 1970'sin the middle of his career. which upsetted him tremendously.
Vicentes genre that he was roled in was Ranchera, Ballad, and Bolero. They all fall in, somewhat of a mariachi vibe with the acoustic guitar.
Vicentes biggest album was "para siempre" released in September 18, 2007. it was a project to resemblance his whole life.
Por Tu Maldito Amor 4:40 Acá Entre Nos (Live) 3:25 Volver, Volver 3:00 Que Te Vaya Bonito 3:00 Que de Raro Tiene 3:19 Estos Celos 3:09 Mujeres Divinas (Live) 3:00 La Diferencia - Primera Fila (Live) 2:58 Mi Viejo 3:30 Hermoso Cariño - Primera Fila (Live)
Vicente was awarded best musician of the genre ranchera, and is known as "la leyenda de musica mexicana". and is top of the platinum list


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