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Our Best Performing Stock


Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), is a technology company that was at it's peak in late 90's early 2000's then dropped off the face of the earth. But around the 3rd quarter of 2016 they mentioned the release of a new processor they named Project Zen. Which they claimed it was a cheaper alternative the powerful i7 while staying competitive in power.

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Most Recent Investment

Snap Inc. was a hot IPO in March and when they went public the prices soared, but soon after the public got cold feet and started selling. Which started a scare and everyone sold which dropped the substantially dropped the price.

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Our Most Stable Stock

Everyone knows Apple as the tech giant and with their predominate holding in the world their stock reflects that. We knew from the start if we bought at a lower price it would go up but it'll never tank on us and that what happened.

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Most Volatile Stock

We anticipated big gains in the hopes of a big release of a graphics card series, but lately its been fluctuating from negative and positive. We've held on even when its been at its lowest hoping for something to happen to break even.

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Diversification Stocks

Starbucks as most already know is a coffee shop that provides different coffees and other drinks such as lemonades, smoothies, and juices. They're a relatively big company compared to most coffee shops and a pretty well known brand.

Diversification Stock

Berkshire Hathaway is a conglomerate that is owned by Warren Buffet and owns several different companies and is very diverse there were two different stocks of the same company Berkshire A and Berkshire B.


The reason we started to invest into AMD was because of last semesters gains through out the stock market game then. We also knew that they were promoting a new cheaper more powerful processor. So we invested significant amount of money to it the gains we received put us into the top 20's and even top 10. So when it went down for a short period of time we bought more.


We bought a sliver of Snap stock just because we knew that Snapchat was a big competitor in social media. Not only that they announced they were also going to do cameras as well starting with a start up of theirs, spectacles, a camera built into sunglasses that are directly connected to snapchat via Bluetooth.

We knew going in that Apple will be our most stable stock since they're one of the most well known technology company in the world so we knew that they won't be going down the drain anytime soon. One of our biggest gainers at some times when most stocks are down Apple stayed making money.


The reason we bought heavy into Nvidia because we knew ahead of time they will be releasing a new graphics card for computers, but since of their bad PR and advertisements they didn't make a whole lot of hype they Ryzen did with AMD so they didn't go up but instead lost money because of it.

We invested into Starbucks to diversify our industries and get out of the tech industry and more into the food industry. We thought that they will be like an Apple in the food industry and it was kind volatile, but it didn't flop like Nvidia.

We also bought into Berkshire to diversify our stocks, we wanted to have something prestigious as Berkshire A but no one can afford it so we settled with a much lower priced alternative, Berkshire B. We thought going in that since it was a known conglomerate owned by Warren Buffet it wouldn't do anything but go up which it did but towards the end it started to going down.



Overall our time in the SMG was above average than I expected, seeing how well AMD did over the past 12 ish weeks was anything but amazing. We've had our ups and downs but AMD and Apple was our savior. Things we faced that challenged us is predicting what could be ahead after we invest in a stock such as Coke for instance we bought early in the game but right as we bought it, the price dropped significantly below average price so we sold it within a week of buying. Things that I felt like that could have been different was that look into other stocks that could have done as good as AMD such as Panera Bread.



Since the beginning of this activity, I’ve learned quite a bit about investing as a whole and what not to do. While I do feel that we were very lucky in our investment into AMD, it is not the only reason we have been fairly successful. We followed a plan of investing and we stuck to it. Tech companies are the bulk of our portfolio and they have proven to be a fairly effective industry for stocks. We did have some bad purchases, such as Coke and Snapchat, but they haven’t destroyed our portfolio because we were more conservative than most. All in all, I’m glad we did the simulation. I’ve had interest in stocks and other securities since I learned of them. The stock market plays a great role in world economics and I’ve gained an insight into how it works.

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