Reconstruction in the South By Maija Graham

The president and congress are working together to re-build/restore the South to the Union. This started happening once the civil war ended. Free African Americans are without food, water, shelter, and money. The relationship between the south and the union isn't good at all, and has to be fixed right away. Even though not a lot of fighting went on in Texas, they still have a lot of damage. Since they raised and equipped troops, has left them in deep debts.

Reconstruction Begins!

He wanted to start out slow because he thought laying out all the rules at once would only delay healing.(This are Lincoln's plans). John Wilkes Booth assassinated him before he could start or finish out this rules. He killed Lincoln because he thought he would be a hero in the south. The South has to cancel secession, knowing what the Union won't pay their debt, and end all slavery.(This are Johnson's plans).

Two Presidential Plans

Granger has come from the White House to announce that slavery has ended. Gordon Granger is a unionist, he leads the force who came with him to announce slvaery is over. Juneteenth was very celebrated and will most likely become a holiday over the years. This holiday is celebrated mostly by blacks. Every black person was celebrating and having fun, while the whites went on with their life's. The Freedmans Bureau is where the help blacks find jobs, get clothes, get food, help the sick, aged, and poor. They also fund for schools and skills they need to live on their own.

Slavery ends in Texas

Johnson appointed Andrew J. Hamilton as our new governor. Both of them only want unionist at the White House. All the unionists dislike seelavery, but don't want blacks to have a lot of freedom. At the constitution convention there were high-ranking southern officers, no blacks, few who favored giving blacks any rights.

New Texas Governor Appointed

Our new constitution says: blacks can not vote, hold public office, serve on juries, or testify in court against a white person. The ex-confederate oppose change and partly because they are scared of the freed blacks. They also refused to ratify both the thirteenth and fourteenth amendments. Black codes mean that all freemens rights are restricted.

A New Constitution

Johnsons plan is not working very well and has made little impact in the South. The Radicla Rebuplicans are people who think congress should be in charge of the South. The Radical Republicans gained control because two-thirds of the house voted for them.

Congress Takes Control

The new reconstruction is very harsh on the South. All of their governments are now illegal. Next, congress divided the South into five districts. They grouped Texas with Louisiana to make up the fifth district. Lastly they had to take the Ironlcad Oath.

Radical Reconstruction Begins

Freedmen helped other freedmen get to vote. In 1868 nearly 50,000 blacks are registered to vote. Which is nearly half of Texas's population. The KKK stands for the Ku-Klux-Klan. They are terrorizing the blacks and anyone who supports reconstruction. The KKK don't like carpetbaggers because they are northerners who have moved to the South. The KKK also don't like scalawags because they support reconstruction.

Freedmen get to vote

In Texas reconstruction end on March 1870, not too long ago. The whites in Texas are all upset about the tax increase. They have to pay 15 cents on every 100th wroth of property. They also dislike the police because the blacks that are officers are higher than they are. Every one in Texas continues to live in rural areas, even after the Civil War. In 1873(last year) republicans took control over Texas. We think/expect they will control Texas for a long time.

Reconstruction ends

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