Shelby's first cross country meet
New house!!!!

We started renting a house just 2 blocks from the kids school

After school snack 😂
Getting moved in
Another CC meet
Shelby had never really gotten to have friends over before since the apartment was so small. Was a little embarrassed about the moving in mess but no one cared
My boys in the game room
Enjoying his own space
Living room
Another cross country meet, she came in 6th which was amazing
Helping me mail orders
Austin was invited to test for the gifted program
Playing with dough balls at dinner
Room to dance!
Shel got to go to a Twenty One Pilots concert with a friend
Went to the Renaissance Festival and took Shelby's boyfriend with us.
Shelby and her boys
City cross country meet
Austin gets a bed!
Skinned his knee two days in a row. Oops
Shelby's trophies

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