The Legacy of the One-Child Policy By sachin palta

Background Info

China brought the one-child policy into play in 1979 to slow down the growth of their countries population. China's population was growing at an astounding rate, and people thought that this would be detrimental in later years.

Question: What are the effects of the one-child policy and how do people feel about it?

What happened with the one child policy is that they removed it earlier this year. This has brought up some problems like how people felt about it in the first place, and some parents had to abandon their children because of it.

Also as a result of the one-child policy, some women have just stopped giving birth period.

However for some people nothing changed. There was a family who just could not afford to give birth to another child because of financial difficulties. For those people it does not really matter.

Another thing that came up was adoption in China. Since a lot of people could not keep both of their children, orphanages would be all filled up. That means that either more people would have to adopt from China, or they would have to build more orphanage space.

Confucian Values:

As a result of my research another question came up. What groups faced adversity because of the one-child policy. I found that because of the Confucian idea that boys are better than girls, families would choose to keep their boy as opposed to their girl.

What is China doing to fix the side-effects of the one-child policy?

There is now a place for those who have lost children to the one-child policy to come and grieve about it together, but the damage that has been done is mostly permanent and cannot really be undone.

Above is a video on why China's one-child policy failed. As told by this video it had many flaws such as one person having to take care of many people, the wealthy being able to have more children, a huge amount of abortions, and many more things.

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