Mary Wollstonecraft By: Abdulkawi Mohamed

Summary of Ideas

Mary Wollstonecraft strongly believed in her ideas of women equality. She was born and died in London. Also was a passionate advocate of equality for women. She disagreed with Rousseau that women's education should be secondary to men's. She also argued that women needed education just as much as men so that they could become virtuous and useful. One of her strongest and most advocated ideas were that women needed to enter the male dominant fields such as medicine and politics. Overall she just wanted women to have equal rights.

Impact of Idea on Society

The impact Mary Wollstonecraft had on society was strong. Not only did she bring up the idea of women equality, which was unheard of during her time (1759-1797). She drove it to a new level, helping women during her time and in her society gain equal rights. Her idea was revolutionary towards Europe because it laid a foundation for women's rights all across the world. Not to mention, thanks to her, women's rights groups formed in Europe and North America. It is safe to say she had a strong impact on society.

Impact of Traditional Beliefs in Society

The traditional beliefs in society before Mary's time were that men had a much higher place than women. Achieving more in fields such as medicine, politics, and education, most part due to women not being able to get into these fields because they did not have the same rights as men. In modern day terms many people would call these actions sexist. Anyway, Mary Wollstonecraft changed the gender culture and tradition quite a bit. Mary helped women to achieve a better life not only for themselves but for their families to. She also helped gain rights for women that men had. But most importantly she put women in the same class as men.


"Mind has no gender" - Mary Wollstonecraft. Meaning everyone, man or women, have the same mental capability. Showing me that any girl beside me and I are both capable of doing great things.

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