' . . . don't just stay ahead of the curve . . . be the maker of the curve.' – Marti Spiegelman, speaking on the power of the Technologies of Consciousness for today's emerging leaders, change-makers, and visionaries

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Developing you as a fully conscious leader, change-maker, and professional who has a vision for the world – with a mastery of perception and awareness, expertise in creative expression, precision in collective action, new meaning and value in relationships, and a new understanding of yourself and what you are here to accomplish

Marti Spiegelman’s expert training programs in the Technologies of Consciousness give you mastery and confidence in using your own consciousness to become a breakthrough leader – one whose perception and awareness are already operating at the next level.

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. – Albert Einstein

These experiential trainings take you beyond subjective ideas about consciousness, beyond using someone else’s system, into mastery of the core technologies of Consciousness itself. The objective is to create a quantum leap in your consciousness first, so your unique gifts as a conscious and creative leader begin to express at the highest levels possible – so you become not just the 'maker of the curve' but the light emerging from beyond it, the one who can manifest what others have not yet seen, who leads the way in driving world-positive action.

These ‘technologies’ are timeless universal principles that ignite the highest life-positive, creative capacity of human consciousness and create through us dynamic states of wellbeing. They are the principles of universal Consciousness itself, always at work, weaving us in as part of the vibrant whole of life. Up until modern times, these technologies were instilled in everyone, through experiential training, mentoring, and initiation in every culture on earth.

Consciousness is a precise state of being. You cannot think your way to consciousness. It is not an idea, or an instruction, or a strategy – these are all outcomes of consciousness in action, but they will never be more effective than the degree to which you have expertly developed your own consciousness at a collective level.

Full consciousness is not an idea, an instruction, or a strategy – it is a state of being entered through the mastery of awareness.

First and foremost, we need our emerging leaders and change-makers to become authentically conscious, and this requires precision training and mentoring, as it always has for humans throughout history. Without this we lose our capacity to create and grow as part of the greater system of life. We become masters of unintended consequences, unintentionally working from the outside against the whole, and life's systems begin to break down around us.

So stop trying to 'do' consciousness and instead, become fully conscious – it takes an extra-ordinary investment in yourself, one that will unfurl your inner genius and connect you to new dimensions of possibility and creativity. It will wire you into levels of conscious engagement where never-before-imagined solutions, new expressions of fulfillment, and dynamic states of collective well-being are always the outcomes.

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Expert trainings are available in a number of formats – dedicated small groups that train together over several years, online seminars and mentoring that have 1-year schedules, custom short-term training for break-through projects, and interview-style talks for organizations

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The Shaman's Light Program | Advanced Training, Initiation, & Mentoring in the Technologies of Consciousness

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Leading from Being | Leadership Seminars, Mentoring, & Podcast

Talks & interviews | TEDx talkAnchoring the Consciousness of Oneness interviewInnSaei, a documentary

Online courses | Precision Consciousness, an introduction • Master Your Visionary Skills • (These courses will available on a new platform by October 1, 2021)

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