How I Got My Nickname By: Taylor Perks

It was the beginning of the semester so I needed to order textbooks. I ordered them from Amazon. I live in the dorms, so for packages I get a slip in my mailbox and have to go to front desk.

The slip came two days later and what was suppose to be my name...wasn't even close. My address was correct. My room number was correct. But my name said "Tayby Peters."

I made the mistake of Snapchatting the slip to my friends. I didn't think it would stick or they would care.

I took it to the front desk, trying my best not to laugh. I told the man at the desk, "This is my address and my room number, but this is NOT my name, or anyone's name."

Just my luck! It was the guy's first day on the job. He laughed and laughed and didn't know what to do. I told him that everything else is correct, but my name is not even close. He called his manager to see if it was okay to give me the mail.

At this point I was freaking out on the inside because I needed my textbooks. I thought I wasn't going to get them just because someone else wrote down my name wrong.

The manager said that this has never happened before, but since everything else was correct I could have my mail. The new guy laughed and asked, "Has anyone ever screwed your name up that bad before?" I said "Nope, this is definitely a new one."

I went back to my dorm room and as soon as I opened the door my roommate and suitemate said "Hey Tayby!"

My name in everyone's phone now is Tayby Peters. One of my friend's boyfriends is in a fraternity and they all call me Tayby. Some people use out of frustration too. If they're frustrated or angry, they yell "TAYBY!"

That is how I got my name Tayby Peters, and it will probably stick forever.


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