Consumer Protection Allison, Desire, Emily, Deanna, Kathy

The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act


Def: Issued regulations requiring that "consumer commodities" be labled to disclose net contents identity of commodity and place of business.

Effect: It caused all food companies to label their products

This act is still relevent today because everything we buy has nutritional facts.

Highway Safety Act


Def: enacted in the untied states in 1966 to empower the federal government to set and administer new safety standards for the road

Effect:It provided accident protection and adressed a wide range of issue such as diversesd , liscensing and pedestrians

This is still relevant today because we still have driving laws

Department of transportation


Def: A federal cabinet department of the US government concerned with transportation

Effect: Responsible for helping maintain and develop the nations transportation systems and infrastructure

This is still relevent today because we use transportation

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