Deserted By: Taylor B.

The movie studio was dark, gloomy, and had an unsettling feeling when Jennifer walked in.

First, there was yelling; second, gunshots; and third, screaming.

She saw two shawdoy, mysterious figures running.

Well, Jennifer didn't know what to do because the studio was in the middle of nowhere.

She ran out of the studio across the field, until she got to an old deserted farmhouse.

Running to the door, Jennifer opened it.

She peeked inside, of course, and realized it was safe.

Jennifer could remember the sound of her coworkers, "Jennifer, get out of here!"

The farmhouse, that was deserted, began to comfort Jennifer because it had begun to rain.

"Hello there," someone said.

Jennifer jumped, for she thought she was alone.

The stranger, who happened to look like one of the people she saw at the studio, appeared from behind the chair.

When Jennifer asked the man, "What are you doing here?", the man replied , "I ran from a studio, and I've been hiding here ever since July 19, 1978."

As the man told her, "I ran away from a studio in Clarksdake, Arizona," Jennifer realized that the man was lying because there wasn't a studio in that town.

The man got up, and handed Jennifer a check that had a note saying, “Good luck! Sincerely, Charles.”

Jennifer decided to go to the nearest bank because she got the check and deserved credit, cards of money.


Created with images by Hans - "monument valley kayenta arizona" • pashminu - "video camera video shooting video" • S E Brendel - "Old West Town Williams Arizona" • MemoryCatcher - "abandoned house weathered" • marc falardeau - "OPEN, IF YOU DARE" • ChristopherPluta - "rain after the rain a drop of" • TBIT - "dollar bank note money"

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