The Penderwicks in Spring Jeanne Birdsall

The overall place or location of my book in section 1 is taking place on Gardam Street. I imagine that the Penderwicks like spending a lot of time together at their house. I feel this because throughout section 1, they have been spending a lot of time at their house. I think they spend a lot of time at their house because they have a lot of little kids that can handle to be outside.

The specific locations so far in section 1, is the Penderwicks house and at Ben and Batty's school. According to the book, the Penderwicks house is big but seems very small because they have 6 kids. I feel like their house would be very messy granted they have a two year old. I also think that some of the Penderwick sisters don't clean up their room because they all have very different hobbies that they're so interested in. Ben and Batty's school according to the book is very small. They have teachers that are mean and they have teachers that are nice. I think their school is very friendly because it is surrounded with a lot of nice teachers that are very kind to the kids.

My novel takes place in Modern Day in the Month of March. The Penderwicks are very excited for spring to be on its way because winter is just too cold. I imagine that winter is just about to end. It is still cold in the air but the Penderwicks can see flowers blooming and they can see grass growing instead of snow piles. I also think that spring is approaching fast because the trees are growing back their leaves.

The environment is very clear and sunny. The climate is very green and there are flowers, trees, and grass growing because spring is almost at Gardam Street. I imagine the Penderwicks playing in the backyards and playing sports because it is nice and sunny outside. Just coming form winter, I assume it was very chilly and snowy, so the Penderwicks couldn't do much things outside. But spring is a whole other season that excites the Penderwicks.
The population in my book is spread out because they live in a sparse area. Some people that live their are regular day people that have regular jobs like: teachers, scientists, soldiers, and more! The people, that live around the Penderwicks are very nice and friendly. They are all like family and love hanging out together. I imagine the people on Gardam Street to be very welcoming and nice because they are all very funny and talkative towards each other.
Some objects that are in section one are: a Chevi truck, dresses, shoes, basketball, soccer ball, the launguage "Latin" is also used in the story. All of these objects are used in modern day time. The Penderwicks have a Chevy truck, this proves that it's in somewhat Modern Day because Chevy's weren't created until the early 1900's. Lydia and all the other Penderwick sisters love dresses and shoes. Mr. Penderwick loves speaking Latin but he states that the launguage is "not used anymore and is extinct". In my opinion, this shows that the Penderwicks are living in Modern Day times.
The overall mood of this book is both dramatic and very happy and playful. In my opinion, when ever the Penderwicks are at home, they are most of the time happy because they all have something that they like doing. But when Batty is at school, she is very shy and nervous towards her teachers. There can be drama between the Penderwick family because they're all living in one small household which consists of a lot of people. Sometimes when they're at home, they can get into arguments with each other.

The setting affects the story because when the Penderwicks are in the same household, a lot of problems arise. This setting contributes to what is happening because the house is where all their drama between family and friends come up. In my opinion, it would be hard living in a house full of eight people. But at the end of the day, no matter how much conflicts they have between each other, they still love one another.

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