ME This page is about me


MY HERO: Matpat is my hero cause hes so amazing, I love his videos and I love his cat named Catpat. If you don't know, Matpat owns a many channels on YouTube. My favorite channels of his are Film theory and Game theory. Matpat or Matthew Patrick makes videos on theory's that he has. He is mostly known for solving FNAF or Five Nights At Freddys the horror game.


WHAT I WANT TO BE WHEN I GROW UP: When I grow up I want to be a programmer for a video game company. I want to help in the development of video games because I love them. In order for me to get to be a programmer I need to obviously learn programming. After I learn programming I need to go to high school and college, then graduate. I will finally get a job as a programmer and make video games achieving my goal.


PLAY VIDEO GAMES: I love playing video games and having winning them, or enjoying the game play

PLAY OUTSIDE WITH MY SISTERS AND FRIENDS: I love going outside and climbing trees or playing capture the flag with my friends and sisters. The games we play are fun and we usually play, like i mentioned before, Capture the flag, Lava monster, and other games.

TAKE CARE OF MY BABY SISTER: I like taking care of my baby sister and playing with her so my stepmom can get some rest and free time. Me and my sister usually do this together and it is fun to play with my baby sister and encourage her to try to stand up.

A cardboard boat

WHAT I'M PROUD OF: Theres one thing that im proud of and its kinda funny and sad that im proud of it. A few years ago when I was at my grandfathers house I decided to enter a competition to build the best cardboard boat. My grandfather was engineer so we ended up building an amazing boat. When it was my turn to push my boat threw the water it ended up sinking. I was really sad. When they were announcing the awards, they gave me a award! The award was called the titanic award. It was a big trophy and I was super proud of it. To this day it stands on my bed table by my window.


Raspberry: I love raspberry and how they are sweet and yummy. They are so precious to me because my parents dont buy them often.

Orange chicken: I love the yummy sauce on the orange chicken and the smell of it. It taste wonderful!

Burritos: I really love burritos, especially the ones with beans in them. They taste good, and I love the tortilla they put around the beans.

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