Good Life Nature Activity by: lexis fisher

Nature on Display

Photos of myself in the butterfly garden exhibit

The most interesting exhibit was the butterfly garden. This was my favorite because I have always had a love for butterflies. They are beautify and interesting to learn about such as how they cannot fly if you touch their wings. In this exhibit a butterfly even landed on my leg (pictured above). I learned in this exhibit that butterflies are gentle creatures that feed off of fruits. They come in all shapes and sizes. They are very friendly and like land on just about anything. It was easier to learn about butterflies through interaction in the garden than just looking at the basic exhibits inside the museum. I am more of a hands on learner and this really helped me appreciate butterflies more by visiting them in their natural habitat.

Nature and Ethics

Photos of waterfall and butterflies in the garden.

Again, the museum really let us connect the way Leopold believes. I got to appreciate the community and habitat and gentleness of butterflies through getting to join their community in the garden. We just passed through and did not affect anything. We were there to love and observe not destroy the community that was built for the butterflies. This experience really taught me to love nature and its inhabitants. I do not think that I really step back and appreciate nature as much as it should be. This visit really made me think about how I should start doing that again. I do not want the land to be destroyed by us now and have no nature to appreciate for the future generations. That would be a sad sight to have to live through. People were amazing walking into the garden to see the sight of all the butterflies flying around. People appreciate nature, but also need to realize the impact they have on it.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Photos of the fossil exhibits.

The museum really helped me step out and connect with the past. The museum had exhibits on fossils and different time periods of history. The most interesting that I really enjoyed connecting with was the exhibit that had dinosaur fossils. It always amazes me that animals to such magnitude existed on the planet before we came along. It is baffling and yet just proves that we are only a small entity in the universe. It helped me better understand that the world goes through phases and those phases can be similar or vastly different. It is so cool to see how the world has changed and just think about what it is yet to become.

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