Christopher Boone

About me: Hello I am Christopher Boone. I like playing with Toby and being a detective,just like Sherlock Homes. I also like going to school with Siobhan and practicing math, but I do not like being with father, He scares me and I do not like being around him.

Quote or Greeting: Mathematics is the art of giving the same name to different things.

My interests and favorites: Toby, Sherlock Homes, practicing math, being a detective, prime numbers, Siobhan, logic

Song Now playing: Algebra Song (Lyrics- I'm Yours) Its part of the math topic A-L-G-E-B-R-A There is no need to complicate for math is fun A-L-G-E-B-R-A

My latest blog entry: Hello, recently I was told, by father, that he killed Wellington and that Mother is not dead! Father lied to me so I no longer trust him. Now I am scared of him and do not like being around him so I am moving to London so that I can live with mother instead of father. When I found out I waited until night time so that father wouldn't see me running away and found I hiding spot in the garden and slept there over night. In the morning I heard fathers van leave the driveway (to look for me) so I knew it was safe to come out of my hiding spot. I needed to find a place to stay so I chose between staying home, living with Mrs. shears, living with uncle Terry, staying in the garden and living with mother in London. I crossed everything off my list except living with Mother in London. Once i figured out where to go I had to get away from the house before father came home and found I walked to school and then was directed to the train station by a very nice lady and police officer. I got on the train and was very scary to get here, and loud, and the police officer helped me get my ticket and on to the train.Now i am very excited to see mother and live with her until University.

By: Kyla Cole

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