Reading Girls' School newsletter - 11 DECEMBER 2020

Principal's message: RGS Christmas Track & Trace of POSITIVE CASES ONLY

I would welcome your support to keep us all safe


In light of the Government’s characteristic late announcements this week about their request for schools to help out with Track & Trace over the initial stages of the school holidays, we have put the following system in place for RGS:

If your daughter tests positive for Coronavirus and DISPLAYED SYMPTOMS UP UNTIL 12pm on SUNDAY 20th December, then you need to use the above email address to inform us.

Where possible we will ask you to answer the following three questions to help us identify as many students/staff as possible that your daughter has been in contact with at break/lunchtimes as well as lesson time:

  • Who was your daughter within 2 metres of for more than 15 minutes?
  • Who did your daughter have face to face contact, within 1 metre, for any length of time, even if wearing a facial covering. This includes: face to face conversations, skin to skin contact and/or being coughed on.
  • Who did your daughter share transport with and was within 2 metres of?

We will use this information to inform ‘contacts’ to initiate a 14-day isolation period.

If your daughter tests positive for Coronavirus but DID NOT DISPLAY SYMPTOMS BEFORE 12PM on SUNDAY 20th December, then you DO NOT need to inform us.

The email address will be checked daily, until and including the 24th December, between 9.00am and 10.00am.

From 25th December, NHS Track & Trace staff will work with people who test positive.

Jon Gargan, Principal

STEM - Year 8

''This week our STEM day was based around cognitive thinking and everyday life skills.

We had a talk from Thames Water, talking to us about sewage plants and how doing certain things may affect the world's environment and nature. We then had the chance to recognise facts, and discuss whether or not they were true or false, and how we are able to change our ways in the environment.

Furthermore, we had the chance to build Christmas trees out of pyramids, by forming equilateral tetrahedrons. We then merged all of our Christmas trees, to form one large Christmas tree that was then displayed in the hallway for everyone to see!

Additionally, we also had guest speakers from the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, which gave us a chance to build potential visions for our future and what we wanted to be. We did that by playing a game based around the jobs and opportunities for Scientists and Engineers.

This STEM day was action packed, and gave all of us in Year 8 a brief look into our potential future, current present, and obsolete past.''

By Lilian Talabani

Wellbeing Activities

We launched 15-minute wellbeing activities this term to bridge the gap between the wellbeing days we had during online lessons. Last week the students enjoyed yoga and breathing techniques!

Wellbeing feedback/suggestion boxes have recently been placed in the year group areas. The students can post feedback regarding the wellbeing activities in these boxes and they can also post suggested activities – we will do our best as a school to accommodate these ideas.

Reading during the festive period is a wonderful way to get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy the delights of the holiday season. From endearing short stories, children’s fairy tales and epic historical novels, throughout literature stories have illustrated the magic and excitement surrounding winter. We have compiled a list of international titles that are guaranteed to warm the heart and bring back the thrill of Christmas in preparation of the big day from the link below.


An old magic trick explained! Girls in Year 8 apply what they have learnt about combustion reactions in Chemistry with Mr Marsh by making a candle flame “jump” by lighting the wax vapour trail. Oxygen, Heat and a Fuel make the fire triangle.

Reading Girls' School Virtual Christmas Concert

On Tuesday 15th December, Reading Girls' School will be showcasing the best talent from around the school in its first Virtual Christmas Concert.

Please join us on Microsoft TEAMS at 19:00 to support the girls and show them our appreciation for their hard work.

The link to join this Microsoft TEAMS event will be sent directly to parents via email.

Reminder of the End of Term activities next week at RGS

Has your lesson been REAL (Relevant, Engaging, Active Learning)?

Using REAL tokens students have the opportunity to give instant feedback to staff about their experiences within the lesson.

Students are provided with a token and at the end of the lesson, are asked if their lesson has been R.E.A.L. (Relevant, Engaging, Active Learning). Students theen place their token into the 'Yes' or 'No' box, which is in every teaching classroom. Staff then uses this information to make any modification to their delivery of their lesson. These tokens are then collected in at the end of every week and counted.

Results for this week: Monday 7 December to Friday 11 December 2020

YES - 1628 tokens

No - 163 tokens

Increasing Student Participation

"Talking Tokens"

Talking Tokens are issued by the classroom teacher and/or teaching assistant to pupils who participate to questions and/or ask questions during lessons. Pupils are encouraged to write their name and year group on the back of the 'Talking Token' and place them into the relevant 'Talking Token' collection box for their year group. At the end of each term, all 'Talking Tokens' are placed together and a pupil is selected at random. The more 'Talking Tokens' a pupil collects for contributing answers to questions in class, the more chances they have to win a prize.

At the end of this week the following number of 'Talking Tokens' collected by each year group were:

  • Year 7 - 480
  • Year 8 - 399
  • Year 9 - 110
  • Year 10 - 189
  • Year 11 - 0
  • Total number of 'Talking Tokens' collected this year across the whole school are 14093.

All meals are provided by Chartwells - a school meal consists of a main meal and a dessert for £2.40 a variety of snacks and drinks are also available.

Chartwells operate a cashless till system, operated by cards. The cards are topped up online using a secure website called ParentPay, if your daughter is eligible for free meals, £2.40 is credited to her card each day. Your daughter will be provided with her card and ParentPay login details on her first day at Reading Girls' School. You can find more information about ParentPay on their website http://www.parentpay.com. The school office is also happy to help with any enquiries.

Follow the link for details of the school menu.