Teaching a Victim How being anti-bullying sometimes hurts

Classroom bullying has become one of the most talked about issues in our current school system.

However, workplace "bullying" is hardly ever is talked about, but this problem is just as rampant as school bullying. Often times people find themselves being "bullied" by their own bosses.

If students are taught how to deal with bullying at a young age, they can be successful after school because of their knowledge on how to deal with people.

The beginning of success starts in the classroom, if students can be taught to avoid bullies, anyone can.

Having success in a career is all about communication, and that is exactly what this method teaches. Students will become better communicators once they learn how to deal with bullies.

Success can be described differently by every person, but no one wants to be bullied or taken advantage of. When kids grow up not knowing how to deal with bullies, they often end up being taken advantage of.

The younger the student the better. When we instill these communication techniques in children from a very young age, then they have a very high chance of success.

Once in the workplace, if students have been taught this technique properly, then they will be able to communicate effectively with their "bullies" and their bosses.

Working well with others is one of the most important aspects of any career path. Teaching students how to deal with bullying will benefit them when they are required to work in a group setting at the workplace, which in turn will increase their chance of success.

If we truly want students to succeed, then we should teach them how to deal with bullying, instead of turning them into cowards.


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