Nagra Swiss INNOVATION since 1951

HD PREAMP win CES Innovation award 2018

CES 2018, Las Vegas Nevada, USA

.. the sound was stunning in naturalness, ease, depth, and instrumental texture. Robert Harley, The Absolute Sound.
Nagra’s statement HD amplifier, HD preamp, and VPS phonostage, sourced by a vintage Nagra reel-to-reel deck, and tethered by Kubala-Sosna cable, sounded truly wonderful—beautiful, majestic, and very full-range (especially with René LaFlamme’s reel-to-reel tapes). I was particularly wowed by René’s tribute to Chet Baker, recorded with Neumann U67s, which had gorgeous timbre and realistic bite on trumpet.. Jonathan Valin, The Absolute Sound.

David Michael audio, Detroit US / Nagra, Axpona

..a piano-jazz LP of the Shoii Yokouchi Trio, Greensleeves, sounding clean and natural, with precise, palpable stereo imaging. John Atkinson Stereophile
Room 1640: David Michael Audio, Aurender, Dohmann, Graham Audio, Kubala Sosna Research, Modulum, Nagra Audio, Phasemation. I had a great time chatting with the guys in this room. Kubala Sosna cables were at least 11 rooms at the show and they sound great. The Graham Audio BBC LS5/8 ($13,795) had a euphoric fullness and some of the best textures at the show. Definitely one of the best sounding systems at the show. AudioBacon

Musical Artisans, Chicago, US / Nagra Axpona

The sound was superb, a 24/192 file of a jazz piece for piano and flugelhorn, backed by strings, sounding richly detailed. John Atkinson, Stereophile

Munich HighEnd 2018

What I heard from these tape recorders, including the digital HD (it was incredible!), had to end with the Best Sound • High End 2018 award, both for “vintage” tape recorders and the flawless preamp.

Historical products !

Nagra SN version released in 1970.

The SN was Embarked into the Apollo mission.

Nagra I, first portable recorder in the world released in 1951.

Nagra III made high quality recording possible all around the planet. It was the standard in Hollywood for 20 years

Nagra IV-S released in 1971.

One of the most iconic Nagra unit, used on many great music recordings and feature films, still used today!

Nagra D, First 96kHz 24 BIT recorder, released in 1992

Nagra PLP, first brilliant endeavour in HiFi. Released in 1998.

Nagra VPA 50watts Class A, 845 tubes.

A refined amplifier, still produced today faithfully to the original design.

Nagra HD Preamp, 20 years after the PLP.

HD PREAMP Unmatched sound and specification

Super Capacitors Power Supply of the HDPREAMP

Check out the vidéo about the meseum and new Nagra products at the Münich.

Nagra New ClassicPSU!

The extended research work conducted during the HD PREAMP design allowed Nagra engineers to push boundaries and dramatically improve sound reproduction. Today the HD PREAMP’s power supply innovative solutions become available to the Classic Line.

Overall the Classic PSU improves sound stage, dynamic range, provides a sense of silence and stress-less performance, that results in a more analog-like sound. The overall precision is improved without creating any harshness.


HDDAC review by Positive Feedback. Best of the year. Brutus Award !!!

In fact, I'm so impressed that I hope to get a complete Nagra HD reference system in for review here, David Robinson Positive feedback.

HDAmp StereoSound amplifier of the year !

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