Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Ilham Boucekkine

Nature on Display: The butterfly exhibit is almost like a whole other world. It completely immerses you into the butterfly world and their life. The exhibit is beautiful with nature surrounding all of you. The trees and flowers were breathtaking. The overall design of the exhibit is appealing because it is freeing. It's an open area with so many plants and the temperature was perfect. The butterflies roamed about freely. I got a chance to see how butterflies get their food and interact with each other in close proximity which is something that would be a lot harder to do outside of this exhibit. It was an enjoyable experience because I felt relaxed and focused on the nature surrounding me rather than worrying about my assignments due or other stressful things of that nature.
Nature and Ethics: The exhibit on the Calusa people allowed for a deeper look into Leopold's recommended experience with nature. The Calusa people respected the land they lived on and they were connected to it spiritually. Going through the museum, especially this exhibit, i sensed a respectful and appreciative vibe towards nature. The museum facilitates the learning and admiration for nature through its exhibits. I could tell other people were in awe and very intrigued with the exhibits just as I was. The museum allowed for a first hand view of nature. For example, continuing with the Calusa exhibit, I was able to walk into a model of what the Calusa people's houses used to look like. There were even fake Calusa people in there performing a ritual. This first hand view made me feel like I was back in time viewing it live. As I read about the Calusa people, I discovered that the Europeans disrupted their peaceful lands and changed their lives in a negative way. Ethically, it's now understood that that was wrong. It makes me think about how precious the land we live on is and how it could be taken from us at any second so it is important to cherish it.
Nature and the Human Spirit: The Natural History museum has some exhibits that left me in awe and shock that the world was so different before humans were even on it. This photo shows the skeleton of a giant ground sloth that used to roam around Earth so long ago. It was HUGE. It's unbelievable that something that big used to roam around the land that I walk on. The museum instills an important lesson. This lesson is that there is so much mystery and greatness in this world so we can't be bothered by the little things. It's about the big picture. Animals come and go when they become extinct but that doesn't mean that the same thing can't happen to people. Overall, it's important to live life to the fullest because there's so many mysteries in this world to discover and appreciate.

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