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What is Disney/ABC Television Group?

Mickey and Minnie, the mascots of Disney!

Disney/ABC Television Group is a broadcasting company that has stakes in multiple forms of media, including television and radio. It was formed after Disney acquired ABC networks in 1996.

Have you ever watched shows on ABC, Disney Channel, Disney Junior (formerly Playhouse Disney), Disney XD and Freeform?

If you have, then you are a customer of Disney/ABC Television Group. Technology and media shapes our world every day, and by working for Disney/ABC television group, you can be a part of it.

Going Global!

Disney/ABC Television Group is an international company. Over 107 Disney/ABC channels are international!

Disney Media Distribution (DMD) is responsible for the international distribution of Disney. They sell programming to more than 220 international markets. Therefore, there are a lot of places to get involved in markets around the world.

Giving Back

Disney/ABC Television Group gives back through the "Be Inspired" brand. "Be Inspired" teaches the importance of being a good corporate citizen. They give back to local communities through a number of initiatives.

Disney/ABC Television Group supports Bullying Prevention, which encourages students and families to stand up for their beliefs and fight against bullying in schools.

Every Holiday season, Disney Supports food banks and schools to provide nutritious foods for families in need through Feeding America.
Through The Magic of Storytelling, Disney/ABC Television Group encourages others to share their love of reading with the community by donating books.

During Earth Month, Disney/ABC helps out local parks and encourages families to support them as well.

Why Disney/ABC Television Group?

By working for Disney/ABC Television Group, you are:

  • Learning from two of the most well-known names in the United States
  • Supporting your local community day by day
  • Working around the globe with international stations

Although Disney/ABC Television Group is a broadcasting company, people from all fields work here. You can become well-rounded and well-versed in the media world and the technological world, two constantly growing and changing fields. Disney/ABC Television Group also holds equity in A&E and Hulu.

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