ToshiCiphers wants to donate books to kids! Every Pirate has some Robinhood in him!


Every child should have basic rights. The right to feel safe and secure. The right to an education. The right to be looked after and cared for. Education is so very important in the development of children. Let's focus on raising money to donate books to kids who want and need them!

Lets show Satoshi Treasure how we are not only willing to spend money on the things that benefit us, but the things that benefit others!

Donate your to help children in need!

End-beneficiaries Up to 42,405 pupils

Total goal 137,000 USD

Donating materials


Pens and Pencils

Geometry Sets

Textbooks, Primary 1-3 (Math, English, Social Studies, Science)

Textbooks, Primary 4-7 (Math, English, Social Studies, Science and Religious Education)

Project Overview

This project provides primary schools with school materials like pens, pencils, exercise books, textbooks and geometry sets to pupils in 50 selected rural primary schools in Uganda. The goal is to address the lack of school materials in Uganda’s rural schools identified with the most critical need. These materials would guide the implementation of key educational curriculum activities.

So how do you donate? So glad you asked! There are multiple ways to donate. You can donate via paypal. This is the easiest method as the pool money will be converted to crypto and donated as a ToshiCiphers donation the last day! paypal.me/pools/c/8gkNaSpWg5

You can also donate in cyrpto but please follow the directions below if you do! https://www.binance.charity/donate-textbooks

To indicate the team to which you are affiliated, please DO NOT donate anonymously. Instead, choose “Donate Openly”, so your contributions can be tracked. You can choose to donate as an individual or on behalf of your team, and use “satoshistreasure/ToshiCiphers(required)/individual name(optional)” as your Full Name. Please note that only donors whose names are with the prefix “satoshistreasure” will be tracked as participating in this game.

Lastly, after you make the transfer to the charity wallet, you need to submit your TXID and your email address (the email address is REQUIRED for us to send the key if your team/you ends up winning: example).

Every child should have basic rights and reading is one of them. Let's unite as a team, as a group, as a tidal wave and change these kids lives! #TC4kidsrights

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