To what extent was reconstruction a success? The reconstruction era was a period in American history after the civil war in which the north tried to rebuild what they had lost during the war. Although the north won the civil war and legally freed slaves , reconstruction was more of a failure than a success for the north as sectional tensions were still yet to be resolved causing the civil liberties of slaves to be disregarded by racist southerners leading to the segregation of blacks and whites for years on.

This picture is a sheet music cover that the KKK used in the late 1800s. They wrote songs about the glories about being a Klansman. The KKK was an white racist organization whose purpose was to discriminate against blacks in violent ways. Their tendency to glorify being a Klansman, even though it was a racist organization, shows how the reconstruction was not a success by failing to eliminate racism in the south
The 14th amendment is one of the only things that happened during the reconstruction that was successful. It allowed the African Americans to become citizens after the 13th amendment had freed them. Although segregation continued socially in parts of the United States, these amendments helped defend blacks against discrimination in the court of law and were eventually respected by southerners years later.
In Thomas Nast's political cartoon, we see that during the Reconstruction era the white league and the KKK made life for blacks harder than slavery did. The point of view of this political cartoon is that the reconstruction period did nothing to help the African Americans achieve equality and worsened their living conditions. This cartoon ultimately reflects upon the legacy of the reconstruction era as a failure.

Even after the reconstruction period, blacks still faced severe segregation when the jim crow laws were put in place. They went from the beginning of the reconstruction to the 1950s and caused blacks in the south to be victims of racially based segregation that sometimes was violent.

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