Journey Log 6 Responsibility

This week in class we talked about plagiarism. I never thought about some of the things that I have done in the past to be considered plagiarism. Now that I have heard more about plagiarism I have figured out that I have done things that are stupid mistakes that is plagiarism. I have to take responsibility and change. I will make sure for my paper that I don't plagiarize by making stupid mistakes. I haven't had to write a big paper like this especially with this amount of sources. I haven't learned how to write in MLA format before. It will be interesting to see how well I do with making sure I cite my sources correctly. I know that I can do it, if I put enough time and effort into it. I tend to give up very easily when I have to learn a new way to write and when I have to do so much work for one paper.

In class, I had to write about a time I plagiarized. I talked about a time I worked on a homework assignment with a friend and we had the same answers so the professor said we plagiarized. I didn't think it was considered to be plagiarized when we both did the work. I didn't think working on a assignment together and coming up with the same answers would be so wrong. She only gave us a zero on the assignment because we didn't do something bad enough to have to deal with the school about it.

I have met someone that writes papers and do assignments for a friend. It makes me mad that someone is getting away with someone else doing their work and being able to get into a school that everyone wants to get into and they aren't even doing the work. How is it okay for people to get away with other people doing their work and get A's but the people who are working their ass off can barely get an A. I am doing everything I can to be here and when I see people who shouldn't be because they aren't doing the work, I think they should be kicked out. There are so many people who want to be here and they can't because the people who aren't doing the work are taking their spot.

I didn't have class this week because I had to meet with you one on one about my grade and my paper. Knowing that I am doing as good as I am so far is surprising considering the english classes I have taken before haven't really helped me with my writing. My last english class I had was at my community college that was a intermediate english because I didn't test into a college level english. I also had to take a writing and reading class at my community college. I was able to pass them, but the fact that they just wanted me to pass the class they didn't really teach me anything. My english class was basically turn in a paper and get an A or B then change what he says to change and get an A. He didn't teach me how to write better by giving out grades.

I decided to put together a collage of pictures about my reflection because I thought it would work best for this journey log. I mainly decided to put pictures because I am not a drawer and I wouldn't know where to start for anything else. I thought this would be an interesting way to incorporate my journey log into the extra bard assignment. I put pictures that would best describe what I talked about in my journey log and how I incorporated the habits of mind responsibility. Responsibility is what I have to take for how I have plagiarized and not being able to learn enough about writing and I thought these pictures best describe that. I will fail if I don't site my sources correctly and if I don't write well enough. 

These are the links for the pictures:


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