The Good Life tour at FLMNH presented by Yinghan ma

The exhibit which is most appealing to me is the butterfly in the butterfly rainforest. In the Rainforest, I was surrounded by the different types of butterflies. Some of them are flying and some of them are standing on the flowers. From the exhibition, I can get closer to the nature and those creatures who lives in the nature. Being stuck inside the buildings and cities, the feeling of integrating into the natural is very appealing.
The creature next to me is kind of sea mammal which has already become extinct. We know that the speed of ongoing extinction of species is become higher and higher due to human beings' activities. The biodiversity is decreasing gradually. However, without animals, human beings will also extinct. We should "love, respect and admire" our earth.
I was born and grew up in China. As a result, my knowledge about American history is very limited. However, the tour of the Natural History museum provide a chance for me to learn more about the Native Americans. The museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by building up a scene of the ancient Indian people's life. By doing so, we can understand the mystery of history and nature more easily because of the vivid exhibition.

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