{final}ly by hannah thompson

The Jerry Falwell Library provides students at the end of every semester with opportunities to de-stress during exam week. Amidst the stress of pulling all-nighters, taking finals and going home, students can find joy in the simple things that bring back memories of being a kid. The library has out board games, puzzles and coloring books for when students need a break from studying daily.

Besides games and de-stressing activities, Student Activities provided snacks and drinks for students who need a pick-me-up. The smell of popcorn filled the Library’s atrium Tuesday afternoon, while students were able to grab cotton candy on Wednesday.

The Muse, a local Lynchburg coffee shop, even partnered with Student Activities and provided coffee in the library for students. This allowed students to grab a quick and free cup of joe instead of waiting in the Starbucks line.

“It was really convenient to just walk into the library and grab really good coffee from the Muse instead of having to wait in line at Starbucks. It saved me time and money- two things I do not have during finals week.” Sarah Searle, a sophomore education student said.

Photo Provided by Jerry Falwell Library

Other favorites of students include playing with therapy dogs, popping bubble wrap and having a paper airplane-making contest. The library is filled with students from Saturday until the last day of finals the following Friday. It also works with students by providing extended hours to accommodate students as they prepare for their final examinations.

“There was a solid two hundred people waiting to get into the library and there were people running to get to the good study spots when we opened Sunday afternoon.” Cam Kennedy, a library Customer Service Assistant said.

The goal of the week is to encourage students that Christmas break is right around the corner and let students feel loved by their university. The full schedule of events can be found on Liberty University’s event page.

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