Jack Horner Paleontologist

Not many people have heard of paleontology and even less people know about Jack Horner the most famous paleontologist in the world! Jack Horner’s childhood is interesting. Jack Horner grew up on a gravel plant and worked on it for a short time. He struggled in school and ended up flunking college several times. How did he get into college that many times? Well, in high school at a science fair, his project got the judge's attention. This judge was a professor at Montana State University and gave him a scholarship. After flunking four times he was pulled into the marine corps and served in the vietnam war. After the war he went back to college and flunked three more times. So as you can see Jack Horner’s childhood was different before his career in paleontology.

Jack Horner has very interesting ideas in his career. He came up with the idea of reverse evolution. It works by taking the genes that causes a tail and teeth and arms that go dormant before the chicken is developed and cause them to stay active resulting in a chickenosaurus. Also he discovered that he had dyslexia which is why he struggled in school. He also discovered myosaurus a dinosaur that cared for it's young suggesting that maybe more dinosaurs cared for there young. Jack Horner had many more ideas during his career but he is retired now.

Jack Horner's idea for reverse evolution
Jack Horner's book about reverse evolution

Jack Horner’s personality really expressed his love for science and he had some quotes to! Even though he struggled in school he excelled in science by creating a zinc and sulfur rocket that went 7,000 feet in the air,and a van graaf generator, a tesla coil, and a model of dino fossils that comparing the dinosaurs of montas to alberta's. Jack Horner said many things but this quote is probably the best known “I just cannot imagine why anyone would want to be really famous. You go to a restaurant and people are pointing at you and they talk about you and they whisper and it is very disconcerting; it is a very odd feeling.” So in conclusion Jack Horner had and interesting personality and had some quotes to.

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