Williamsburg And What Catherine Blaikely Did By Jiya CHatterjee


This is called the halbert. It used to be a weapon and a symbol for sergeants. It showed power, and if it had designs, that showed even more importance. It was introduced by the English, as the blade is made out of metal, a resource the Powahatans did not have.

This is how a sergeant would hold a halbert. Courtesy: Coco Trentalancia
Courtesy: Arjun Jayant

This is a demonstration of how to handle a musket. It is a long and slow process, and the soldier must be very careful to not keep the burning rope near the hot gunpowder. Furthermore, having muskets had its advantages and its disadvantages. One advantage is that it can shoot further distances. However, one disadvantage is that it takes a long time to reload, while it only takes the Natives a couple of seconds to shoot five arrows, therefore, it is easier to get injured.

Day 2

This is inside a millinery. I have not come here often as I have no need for such extravegent dresses, however, when my dear William was alive, he would bring me all sorts of silks, and I would take it here to make into dresses. As a midwife though I don't have any reasons to have nice dresses.

Here a dress is being made for Mrs Washington.
Not only could I order something made from scratch, I can buy things that I think are perfect for me.
Different parts of the dress were being made by different people so that it would take less time.

Day 3

Here is Peter Pelham's house. I remember one night that I was awoken by a knock on the door. I came to find one of Pelham's daughters, black circles under eyes, standing the door, shivering with the wind of the night. She told me that her mother was about to have their 13th child. I grabbed a coat, and raced into the night with her. I worked for hours on end. And the worst part of it? The house is part of a jail. I was frightened out of my wits! I could hear the prisoners, waiting for their court trial, moaning and groaning about the dark and horribly smelling smells. Well it's their fault that they decided to commit such a sin. The part of the house that I probably enjoyed the most was that Mr Pelham did not show off his wealth as much as those Randolphs. When you entered his house, the walls were not covered in beautiful wallpapers, and the floors were bare. However, everyone knows that Mr Pelham and his family are people who have a lot of cash on their hands.

Inside a cell.
Outside of the same cell.

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