CLASS OF 2021 GRADUATION By Camille Berko, MIsgana duer, Grant engelsman, and Grace montgomery

Seniors walk along the aisles to take their seats for the 2021 graduation ceremony on Thursday, May 27. This was their last time in the field house as students marking the end of their high school career.

Photo by Camille Berko

Principal Tracy Wilson welcomes family, friends and administrators to the ceremony. She thanks the audience and introduces school board members. Superintendent Andy Ingall certifies that the students present had completed the minimum requirements to graduate. (left photo by Grant Engelsman; right photo by Grace Montgomery)


Michael MacDonald is pinned by school board member Chris Streng to honor his choice of serving the country at the Naval Academy. Six students who plan on entering the Armed Forces were recognized with red, white and blue cords as well as a pin at the beginning of the ceremony.

Photo by Grace Montgomery

Janos Kovash and Streng salute after Kovash recieves his military cord and pin. He will be entering the army after high school. (photo by Grant Engelsman)


"The hardships and obstacles we faced are one of a kind," Georgia Basil said. "But, looking back from the other side, we have progressed so much. "

Photo by Camille Berko


"It is so easy to lose sight in the beauty of all these moments," Peyton Brill said. "So, no matter how packed your schedule may become, I hope that all of you will never stop enjoying the gift that is the present."

Photo by Grace Montgomery


Carli Brodie plays the flute as a buccaneer one last time. The band performed "Sparks" composed by Brian Balmages.

Photo by Grace Montgomery

Band director Iain Novoselich conducts his students as they perform together for the last time with the Class of 2021. (photo by Camille Berko)


"As you grow older, you more often become stubborn, you stop trying new things and you close your mind off," Oliver Shampine said. "I'd advocate that you do the exact opposite. Continue to explore. Ask questions. And just learn."

Photo by Camille Berko


"Although I can't say for sure that this world will get any easier on us, I do know that how our lives turn out will not be a direct result of any national or global event," Frank Roberts said. "They will turn out the way they do because of our own choices."

Photo by Grace Montgomery

Students in the audience chuckle while listening to their classmates speeches. Several of the addresses reflected on funny events throughout their high school career. (photos by Grace Montgomery)


Peyton Brill beams after receiving her diploma from school board member Christine Baker. All 441 seniors were announced as they walked across the stage.

Photo by Camille Berko

Students and staff express their excitement as the final moments of the seniors' high school experience come to a close. For many, it was a bittersweet night because it was the last time some might get to see each other again. (top left photo by Grace Montgomery; top right photo by Camille Berko; middle and bottom photos by Grant Engelsman)

Streng presents Gabriel Gifford with his diploma as he crosses the stage. The moment brought one of the crowds' loudest rounds of applause.

Photo by Grace Montgomery

Patrick Donley struts across the stage wearing Bucco's boots. It is tradition for Bucco to be revealed during the commencement ceremony. (left photo by Grace Montgomery; right photo by Misgana Duer)


Video by Grace Montgomery