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Headings are good to define the section content

Body text is pretty self explanatory, short and sweet is best but bodies of text is fine too

  • People respond well to bullet points
  • Their eyes are drawn to the points
  • Numbered lists also work well when steps are involved
Adding photo grids with 2-4 pictures relevant to the content help students visualize what is being discussed.

Body text between images helps break things up.

It sounds like you have videos that you will be putting into the presentation. Text before or after the videos that summarized the video content can help guide the student

This photo of a jellyfish was put in as a photo and then was formatted to be "inline" as opposed to the window images that act as transition slides.


Created with images by Pazit Polak - "test 014" • larsen9236 - "staniel cay swimming pig seagull" • osricdg - "longhorn cowfish fish yellow" • PublicDomainPictures - "animal blue creature"

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