Black voter ID laws By:Peter Crapsey Jr.

Peter Crapsey Jr.



English mid term

America is a country built on on slavery, and taking advantage of people of different races. It is a human right to be able to vote and to vote equally and fair, to African American people in the southern states it might be a different story. You now need an ID to vote in Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wisconsin. This makes it very hard for African American people to vote. In the 1950’s, the Jim Crow laws were passed to repress and discriminate against African-American people. After the 13th Amendment was passed and allows African-American Men the right to vote. White politicians passed legislatures that repressed blacks from voting by implanting a poll tax. Which meant poor black people couldn't get their voices heard.

This is the start for African American people voting ID laws, these voting ID laws made it very hard for African American people to vote because a majority of the blacks do not have the money to get an ID. When you vote you need to show a form of identification to be able to vote. In Shelby county in 2013 the Supreme Court passed the Voting ID laws, that made even more states make this a law and it mainly targeted people of color due to their income and many of them not having an ID. This year 2016 14 states now have voting laws this is the first time there is a law in place for an ID to vote for the presidential election.

Many states are now trying tout this law into place which could have major effects on many elections in the next years. Out of the 14 states which have this ID law 7 of them require a photo to go along with it to know that it is your ID and not someone else's. 11% of Americans do not have a photo ID that the law requires of them, that is 22 million people. A graph shows that in 2014 these photo voter ID laws decreased turnout by 2-3 percent which is tens of thousands of votes in each state, depending on the size. As you can see this is affecting minority groups and people of color. You can make a difference by going out and protesting and running for public office. Quoting President Barack Obama, “Grab a clipboard get some signatures and run for office.”

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