Animals: Cats, Dogs, and More Peter

Pugs can play with you! Mrs.Rossman has two pugs, Cricket and Bo.
Rumor has it black cats give bad luck...
This cat weighs way more than your average house cat!
Cats have litters almost every year! That means you can earn some money by selling some of the kittens. I wouldn't give away more than 10 kittens.
Reminds you of Balto, right?

It is a canis lupis!


Created with images by susannp4 - "cat young animal curious" • Katrinbechtel - "pug meadow dog" • male96 - "cat animals cats" • Kaz - "tiger sumatran sumatran tiger" • Jan-Mallander - "kittens cat cat puppy" • skeeze - "wolf howling howl"

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