Los Angeles Alexa Reuter


  • Most visited place in California
  • Part of The American Dream
  • 3 enormous resorts
  • 85 acres-8 theme parks

HOllywood Sign

  • Meant to remember the movie business
  • Protected hill sight
  • Able to see from miles away
  • Not able to reach
  • In 1979 removed and paid $27,000 for 1 letter

Hollywood Boulevard

  • $7,500 to put 1 star on the sidewalk
  • "Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum"
  • Sidewalks cleaned 6 times a week
  • 2,500 polished marble stars on the sidewalk


  • As of 2010, 37, 253, 956 people lived in California
  • 3.5 million people live in Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles- 2nd most populous state
  • 3rd largest state in the U.S.

Climate/ Natural Disasters

  • Warm winters and rain less summers
  • Earthquakes are common in LA
  • Able to record 500,000 earthquakes each year

Los Angeles it's self

  • Became 31st state in 1850
  • CA got it's name from gold
  • LA - southern California (1/2 of CA population
  • 44 miles of shoreline
  • LA county- bigger (Rhode Island and Delaware)
  • 2nd largest city- 1st is New York City

Start 0:01- End 2:20

This is what most of Los Angeles looks like. When I was in Los Angeles this is what I mainly saw, it is a beautiful place to visit.

Start 0:42- End 1:22

The Hollywood Walk is really fun to be at and take pictures. You look at the stars and you see how much hard work people put into those. I was surprised when I saw all the different people on each and every star.

You should try and visit Los Angeles sometime, it is the best vacation spot If you aren't in the wrong spot in LA. By wrong spot I mean if you are in the really busy traffic area you will be sitting in your car for a long time. Six lane traffic is still full.


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