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~1-20-17 ~ Blog #1 For my twenty percent project, I was planning on trying to help the homeless by making bags filled with essentials for women and essentials for men. I was also planning on adding food and drinks into the bags. I will also like to find people who would like to donate clothing in order to give them out to the homeless.

~ 1-27-17 ~Blog #2 I have changed my idea for my twenty percent project, I am planning on running everyday at least 2 laps. The goal that I would like to achieve in the end of this project would be to be healthy and in shape. I am planning on recording my journey of running everyday. I plan on creating just one video from the beginning of my journey, in between my journey, and the end of my journey. I want to make the video to inspire others to run everyday and also show how it can help them be healthy and get in shape. I have also included a video that inspired me.

~ 2-10-17 ~Blog #3 I have been running for almost 3 weeks already, it's not easy at all but I hope that it gets easier later on. I run everyday except Friday, Saturday, and some Sundays. I give my body a break on the days that i don't run. I have lost around 4 pounds so far. My brother has agreed to being my mentor throughout this project. I have included a second inspirational video.

~ 02-24-17 ~Blog#4 This week I was only able to run two times, Monday and Wednesday, because i have had so much homework but I am hoping to start over again on Monday. My mentor has also advised me to start eating healthier to help keep my weight down.

~ 03-03-17~Blog #5 This week I have ran all four days and have been eating well, progress has been made. I have lost 15 pounds in total. I learned how to properly stretch my body in order to go for a run.

~ 03-10-17 ~Blog #6 This week I have ran all four days but instead of being outside on the cement I took it inside to the gym this week. I have been eating my healthy meals. I have

~03-17-17 ~Blog #7 I plan to adjust a few things in my 20% project blog. I am planning on adding in recipes of the healthy food that I eat at home. Also this week I have gone to the store to buy better running shoes in order to better my running.

~03-24-17 ~Blog #8

~04-7-17~Blog #9

~04-21-17~Blog #10 I didn't do my symposium, because I didn't have enough time to edit my videos into a short one to be able to show how much I have done. Also I didn't finish my board. I did not receive any feedback because I was not there to present.

~05-05-17~Blog #11 I have pulled a muscle and it hurts but I just need to put some ice on it and take some pain relievers. I have lost 20 pounds in total so far. Hopefully I can recover fast.

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