Heard and McDonald Islands

Heard and McDonald Island in the Indian Ocean

The Heard and McDonald Islands is not only important to the world's nature but it is also very important to those animals who live there and have their homes built there for shelter and for protection for their offspring and the resources they have

Without these things they have nothing and will die instantly because of No shelter, No food resources, etc… Then sooner or later there will be nothing left on the island but new growing plants and new incoming migrating animals looking for new homes to live.

Heard and McDonald Islands is a very unique island that's in the Indian Ocean and by the Antarctic very cold but resource full island that can be only used by the nature in the making for example the animals who are the ones who own the island. No one really lives their not that i know of and based off of http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/577

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Drevian Williams Nelson


Created with images by new 1lluminati - "spiral tribe"

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