Arctic Hare by: sophia lauren rojas

My animal is the Arctic Hare. The Arctic Hare is a mammal with white and gray fur. The average height is 50 to 70cm and the average weight is 3kg to 7kg. The Arctic Hare has four legs to make it run fast, a white bushy tail, gray accents on the body and on the top of the ears, and the Arctic Hares have really dark eyes. Other hares that are in the same family is the European Hare, mountain Hare, snowshoe Hare, Korean Hare, and so on.

The Arctic Hare is a herbivore which means it only eats plants. However, food is a scarcity in the Arctic, but the hares survive by eating woody plants, mosses and lichens. In other seasons Arctic hares eat buds, berries, leaves, and bark.

Arctic Hares only live in the rocky areas in the Tundra. Arctic Hares have to live in any rocky areas where there is no tree cover. Arctic Hares bury down into holes for shelter to hide from predators or make holes to live in or they are looking for food, they need to stay warm.

The Arctic Hare has thick white fur so they can stay warm.Arctic Hares live in groups of about 200 or more to keep safe. The Arctic Hare has thick fur so they can stay warm.The Arctic Hares enemies would be the Red fox, arctic fox, gray wolf, canada lynx, ermines, snowy owls, gyrfalcon, rough -legged hawks, and humans. Arctic hares can protect themselves with their camouflage, and hide in holes under the snow and ground.

Some interesting facts are the Arctic Hare is the largest species of Hare, also the Arctic Hares scientific name is lepus arcticus. Did you know the arctic hare is also known as the polar rabbit? The Arctic Hare is part of the leporidae family which includes all hares and rabbits, and there are over thirty species of hares.


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