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Levels of Cake


Buttercream covered cake with buttercream decorations. Includes buttercream filling .


Buttercream covered cake with fondant decorations. Includes filling of your choice


Fondant covered cakes with fondant decoration. Includes filling of your choice.

Round Cakes


8"- 24 slices

  • Classic $60
  • Deluxe $80
  • Elite $100

9"- 32 slices

  • Classic $75
  • Deluxe $95
  • Elite $115

10"- 38 slices

  • Classic $90
  • Deluxe $110
  • Elite $130

Square Cakes


8"- 32 slices

  • Classic $75
  • Deluxe $95
  • Elite $115

10"- 50 slices

  • Classic $115
  • Deluxe $135
  • Elite $155

Tiered Cakes

2 Tiered Round Cakes


6" and 8"- 36 slices

  • Classic $115
  • Deluxe $145
  • Elite $175

6" and 9"- 44 slices

  • Classic $140
  • Deluxe $170
  • Elite $200

7" and 9"- 49 slices

  • Classic $150
  • Deluxe $180
  • Elite $210

7" and 10"- 56 slices

  • Classic $160
  • Deluxe $190
  • Elite $220
2016 Groom's Cake

Crawfish Pot Cake

With fondant decor & paddle

Two 8" cakes, feeds 48 -$250

3 Tiered Round Cakes

4", 6", 8"- 40 slices

  • Classic $160
  • Deluxe $200
  • Elite $240

5", 7", 9"- 55 slices

  • Classic $220
  • Deluxe $260
  • Elite $300

6", 8", 10- 74 slices

  • Classic $295
  • Deluxe $335
  • Elite $375

4 Tiered Round Cakes


6", 8", 10", 12"- 130 slices

  • Classic $585
  • Deluxe $625
  • Elite $665

Colored Layers

Colored layers are a fun option to add to any cake! $2 per color.

Smash Cakes

5" single layer (Free with purchase of 1st birthday cake) $20

5" double layer $25

6" double layer- $35

Large Cupcake - $40


Classic Cupcakes

1 dozen- $18

Custom Cupcakes & CuPcake Cakes

1 dozen- $24+

Cupcake Cakes

Prices Staring at $3/cupcake

Filling can be added to cupcakes for an additional $4/per dozen.

Cake Pops

individually wrapped and tied with matching ribbon

Sprinkle Drizzle

1 dozen- $20

Custom Cake Pops

1 dozen- $35+


Hand painting, flowers, toppers, metallic tiers or decor and other decorations may cost extra.

Cake Flavors

Birthday • Almond•Chocolate • Strawberry • Red Velvet • Lemon



Classic • Chocolate • Confetti


Strawberry • Lemon • Raspberry


Milk Chocolate • White Chocolate • Strawberry

Other flavors

Pudding • Oreo • Caramel • White Chocolate Mousse

Other Sweet Treats

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

Starting at $20/dozen

Chocolate Dipped Rice Krispies

Starting at $18/dozen

Food Allergies?

I have You covered!

Dairy Free
Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Dye Free

Prices vary depending on ingredients


$50 deposit is required to hold your spot on all custom orders. I understand plans and dates may change and I will work with you if this happens. The remaining balance is due 3 days before the event.

Helpful Tips

  • To avoid bulging, some filling flavors will not be available for certain cake designs.
  • Please be mindful that certain colors, such as reds & blacks, may stain clothing, skin & teeth. These colors also may alter the taste of the cake or icing.
  • Colors such as gold, silver or glitter are for decorative purposes only. They are non toxic but not edible.
  • Any color is capable of fading in direct sun light.
  • When planning your event, please keep in mind for outside events, that melting can occur.
  • Please drive with care when the cake is in your car. Don't slam on brakes, make sharp turns or leave in a car without air condition. Cakes are made of sugar and butter and will melt or collapse if not handled with care. Cakes must always be placed on a flat surface. Do not put on a seat or on top of other items in the car.

About Me

I am a stay at home mom of two handsome boys (ages 8 & 3). I've been married for 11 years to my very supportive husband, Hunter. I started baking cakes in 2011. My son's 2nd birthday cake was the first cake I made. I never dreamed I would be where I'm at today! I am so blessed to have the best family, friends & customers that have trusted me with their event center pieces. I can't wait to see where 2017 brings my family and I.

Sometimes I marvel at how far I've come. Sometimes I still make crappy cakes. Sometimes I'm reminded how new all of this is to me. Sometimes I feel like a pro. It's a lot of hard work, physically and emotionally. It can be soul crushing and then it can turn around and be the most rewarding and best high in the world.

Under Construction

Our home

Flood 2016

Please bare with me as I can't take as many orders as I used to. We lost our home in the flood and we have to rebuild. I hope to be back, better than ever, in 2018. Until then, I will take minimal orders due to lack of space, supplies and equipment. Thank you for understanding.

Created By
Melissa Brooke Allbritton

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