Water Cycle Water that cycles

The water cycle is basically the movement of water between the oceans, land, atmosphere, and living things.

This photo represents where the water cycle can take place.

Even though the picture is where the water cycle takes place, the water cycle take place everywhere around the world.

The water cycle basically begins at the ocean or any other water source like a lake. Then it is traveled upwards in the Atmosphere, that's known as Evaporation. After wards the water vapor is then turned into clouds, or Condensation. The clouds have a job to do, and that job is to hold, or contain water. When the clouds become too heavy it rains. The rain is called Precipitation, and is then carried off onto rivers, streams, mountains, the ground, ect. Those sources are then turned into Runoffs. Those runoffs are water streams from the puddles, or mountains, and is then carried to lakes or oceans. Sometimes they are carried into the ground with provides water for plants. The water cycle keeps going on and on, and provides water for the dirt, and plants, but also has enough to keep going and start over.


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