Morrie in his death bed

What happened in this chapter is Morrie passes away two days after Mitches last visit. He passes away with his family by his side while he was in a coma. Mitch just explains about how the family kept the services small and only had immediate friends and family come to the burial. Morrie was buried in the exact spot he wanted to be which was under a tree overlooking a lake. Before Morrie died, him and Mitch were saying that it is easier for people to listen when they are dead, so when Morrie died Mitch stayed at his grave and talked to Morrie.

Morries Grave

Mitch explains, "At one point, when Morrie's ashes were placed into the ground, I glanced around the cemetery. Morrie was right. It was indeed a lovely spot, trees and grass and a sloppy hill" (Albom 188).

Morrie teaches Mitch in this chapter about how to listen. What Morrie tells Mitch is when you are alive it seems that people don't listen to you when you talk to them. When you die people actually start listening to you. When Morrie dies, Mitch recalls what Morrie had told him about that, and Mitch starts to talk to Morries grave.

Morrie's bed

The symbol in this chapter is Morrie's bed which is meant to represent Morrie giving up his battle to ALS. When Morrie is in his bed in this chapter, he is basically giving in to ALS because he can't handle it anymore.

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