Observation "The Bachelor" Viewing Party

How do women use their mobile devices while watching The Bachelor?

Describe the setting

Apartment in Harts Cove.

Group of 12 women gathered to watch The Bachelor. 2 couches, 3 chairs and pillows, people spread out in the room. Some are eating, some are not.

Describe the people in the setting

12 college aged women. (4 black, 8 white)

All have cell phones out or near them.

All drinking either water or wine or craft beer.

2 have computers out. They are all talking to each other but still maintain little groups.

What were they doing?

Talking, texting, taking Snapchats, looking at Twitter.

Are they interacting?

Take a picture but then go to their phones for a while.

Talk about something they saw on social media related to The Bachelor

Play with/take pictures of the dog who lives in the apartment

One girl is constantly putting things on snapchat, but has yet to actually talk to anyone for more than 2 minutes



Group, selfies, of the dog

Social media

Together, yet also separate.


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