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July Newsletter

Welcome to the Rubaroc Newsletter! We hope you enjoy learning all about the current news at Rubaroc.

Message From President

It is mid July, which means it is our prime time to install Rubaroc and that is exactly what is going on across North America! Our proprietary EPDM Rubber is being installed at impressive numbers. For existing Rubaroc Installers, you know EXACTLY why you love what you’re doing; with over 32 years of Rubaroc history, clients who KNOW what they want ~ a lasting solution that provides comfort, beauty, style & safety.

Welcome aboard to all of our newly trained Rubaroc Installers! The Rubaroc brand has impressive value that most clients don’t hesitate to acquire for their benefit. The one time investment for many, many years of pleasure is an easy choice. Most of you have had a great start to your Rubaroc profile; it is pretty much that easy to get going right from the start. We have increased our personnel in both offices in Canada & the United States of America to accommodate our demand. During our extensive Rubaroc Training Program, we gave you the knowledge & tools needed to start off your Rubaroc career. But most importantly, we have the support needed to guide you through this process.

In this month’s Rubaroc Newsletter, we’re featuring a couple of very notable accomplishments. Justin Laws (Ontario Rubber Installations) successfully installed a playground in the 6-figure mark & Brent Scoggins (KBS Customs & Surfacing LLC) replaced a Rubaroc installation from 25 years ago! It’s worth reading on.

In this month's Rubaroc Newsletter, we feature 3 "Installers in the Spotlight.” Glance through our Gallery of Installations; our actions speak louder than words. If you prefer, read through our Testimonial Section to read what our satisfied customers have to say. Don’t miss the “Blast from the Past” section; we are featuring installations that are over 10 years old. See for yourself how beautiful & durable Rubaroc is over time.

It is with great pride to say… magnificent work guys! Your installations are looking fabulous & it’s all because of the dedication, belief, consistency & strong work ethics that are behind all of your hard work. Thank you goes out to our Installers & their crew for their amazing work!

I sincerely wish you continued success & an enjoyable summer!

Brian Field

President of Rubaroc

Installers in the Spotlight

Brent Scoggins (KBS Customs & Surfacing LLC)

Our first Installer in the Spotlight (Brent Scoggins) is featured extensively first & foremost, for his passion for Rubaroc & second, for being recognized as the Rubaroc Installer who removed Rubaroc from an installation that was done over 25 years ago & replaced it with new Rubaroc!

Brent is not only a master of custom detailed work but also, a complete natural when it comes to overall Rubaroc installations. “Growing up on a farm has instilled integrity, honesty & developed a hard work ethic,” says Brent. After a successful first year with Rubaroc, Brent decided to endure KBS Customs & Surfacing LLC full time. It was the right decision & he’s not looking back. Rubaroc is the original rubber safety surfacing & we can prove it! Rubaroc was installed at the Whiteface CISD Natatorium in Texas over 25 years ago. YES…. 25 years! Rubaroc stood the test of time & we’ve got proof! Pictures, a video & testimonials from the Board President & Business Manager of the WCISD are provided. Brent & his crew removed the existing 25 year old Rubaroc, cleaned the surface & installed new Rubaroc of which 175 sq ft were of vertical application. The inlay of this 6000 square foot job included, the Antelope logo in the foyer, the stripe around the pool, the foot depth & the “No Diving” markers. It was a huge job for KBS Customs but they were all proud of themselves. Brent states, “my crew consists of Kannen Richardson, Lane Scoggins, Caleb Scoggins & Robert Hernandez. I would not be able to do it without these guys!” Another fine example of Rubaroc’s motto… “Strength in Numbers.” We all need each other to get the desired outcome!

It is with great pleasure to share with you the comments provided by the Board President & the Business Manager of the WCISD.

“It was a great experience! Brent did exactly what he said he would do. There were no hidden costs. The installation happened in a timely manner. He used his own judgment to provide a different color of Rubaroc to increase safety, which we appreciated. The color was consistent throughout & the letters & numbers were done perfectly. The lines were even! From the entire pool deck to hallway to bathrooms… Rubaroc was installed to perfection! It blended in perfectly from one area to another. We wish Brent & his crew continued success!

(Cory Ayers, WCISD Board President, July 2015, Texas)

KBS Customs were very professional. The design of the “Antelope Head” is phenomenal! We are extremely pleased with the entire installation from start to finish. Despite the removal of the existing surface & the installation of the new Rubaroc, they always maintained a clean working environment. The outcome is spectacular!

(Jimmy Ericson, WCISD Business Manager, July 2015, Texas)

The following Rubaroc Installers who also have proven that they are passionate about Rubaroc & deserve the “Spotlight” are, Shaun O’Rourke & Mark Henderson.

Shaun O'Rourke (O'Rourke Safety Surfacing)

Shaun attended our Installation Training program earlier this year and is progressing at a steady rate. He has had the ability to install Rubaroc to various applications including stairs, a porch, a garage, a walkway & pool decks. His clients are pleased with his work and so are we. Because of Shaun’s strong belief in Rubaroc, he has left his Civil Engineer job to pursue Rubaroc full-time. His dedication is highly evident. We have willingly provided him with the guidance needed with any of his technical, marketing & Installation support needs. Asking questions to promote his success is one quality that Shaun has to ensure his Rubaroc career is flourishing right from the start. Shaun is a fine example of an Rubaroc Installer who has followed our guidance. Shaun has successfully incorporated his business, created a website, attended home shows (with the necessary supplies & props), ran/secured quotes and opened up social media to increase his exposure. In addition, our communication lines are open with Shaun & therefore we are aware of exactly how he is progressing with Rubaroc. Feedback is provided at both ends to ensure his Rubaroc Business Opportunity is a positive one. He currently has several jobs on the go. If he continues at the rate he is going, Shaun will most certainly do very well with his Rubaroc career. We wish him continued success!

Mark Henderson (Pools & Spas Unlimited)

Mark Henderson from “Pools & Spas Unlimited” in Milford, Delaware is in his third year of Rubaroc installations. He has Rubaroc installed throughout his showroom & entrances. He has extensive experience in commercial & residential applications. As apposed to the other Installers featured in this month’s Rubaroc Newsletter, Mark provides Rubaroc as an addition to his existing & successful “Pools & Spas Unlimited” business. He prides himself in using only the best available materials combined with his top quality workmanship & excellent customer service to keep his clients content. That is the desired service to ensure success in any type of business. Wishing you continued success in both of your businesses!

Now don’t be shy…. upload a YouTube video today of your magnificent work or any demonstrations you’d like to share with the world!

Two of our wonderful Rubaroc Installers have each provided us with a video on “How to Install Rubaroc.”

Dale Kreviazuk of UV Pools has provided the first video:

Matt Sadl of C+M Concrete has provided the second video:

We are happy to announce the successful installation of a playground In St. Catharine's, by Justin Laws (Ontario Rubber Installations in Hamilton, Ontario) & crew! This 6-figure contract was one of the largest single Rubaroc Installer jobs; it included 107 000 lbs of SBR & was completed in 3 days! Besides being safe... this playground looks incredible! Way to go!

Our recent visits to Rubaroc installations that have been installed over 10 years ago have yielded us with a lot of feedback. First off & most importantly, Rubaroc lasts longer than the 10-year warranty that is provided. THAT is why Rubaroc is number one!!! We are the “Original” non-slip rubber safety-surfacing product & have the history to prove it! Secondly, these older installations still look magnificent! . One key factor that is consistent with these older installations is that one annual cleaning to the Rubaroc installation is highly recommended. In several instances, a simple cleaning with soap & water is all it really needed to keep it looking new. Our Rubaclean is also available to provide that “newly installed” look. Please be sure to leave your clients with our “Instructions for Cleaning & Maintenance” sheet.

John McKenzie (Burlington, Ontario) absolutely loves his Rubaroc pool deck in "Sienna." He maintains it with an annual cleaning & has proudly recommended it to friends & family. Please note that our Rubaroc disc is embedded in this Rubaroc installation dated April 2005 (picture ~ top, left)

We will be featuring installations that are over 10 years old in depth in the August Newsletter to signify the validity that Rubaroc has the history to prove that it is the best! Here are just a few pictures of Rubaroc installations on or before 2005.

Quick Notes

We are now packaging all of our pallets with a “Red” shrink-wrap that is thicker & stronger. There is less risk of damage through shipping using this wrap. In addition, we are providing you with Rubaroc discs to incorporate in your Rubaroc installations.

We are fully stocked with marketing material. Choose from tri-folds, post cards, catalogues, t-shirts, hats, padfolios & more. Please give our Administrative or Installation Support Team Members a call to place your order today.

On July 2, 2015 an “On-site Checklist” was sent to all of our Rubaroc Installers to promote efficiency & therefore productivity during this busy installation time. Check your inbox or request a copy from your Installation Support Team members today. In addition, we have a wide variety of marketing materials available to you. Place an order today with our Administrative Team Members.

We are happy to share with you that our website is getting a lot of interest. Rubber safety surfacing is being recognized for its characteristics & people want the best. With Rubaroc, they get the best because we know it is & primarily because we’ve got the proof behind those words. Our website is extensive, modern, informative & organized. The amount of information that is readily available about Rubaroc, our Installers & what’s happening in the Rubaroc world is bountiful. Check it out today…. You will be impressed!

Due to the attention that our website is receiving along with the number of hits for the Rubaroc Monthly Newsletters, we encourage all of our Installers to submit pictures of your installations or any types of media (advertisements or videos) so they are incorporated into the Rubaroc Newsletters. This is a simple, yet effective way to help increase your exposure.

As a company that provides the best available products to the best-trained Rubaroc Installers, the one thing that gratifies us most, are testimonials that have been provided to us unexpectedly. It does happen often & so we’d like to share with you the most recent testimonial. Don, from Panama City Beach Florida for example, sent Brian Field his testimonial by email which was then forwarded to all Rubaroc staff members. Here at head office, we all know that Rubaroc is a wonderful product & proudly stand behind it! But when this testimonial was sent throughout both Canada & USA staff members, we all felt a greater sense of satisfaction! Thank you Don! And thank you Travis Lane for your superior service! Here we go:

Travis Lane (PT Concrete of Panama City Beach, Florida)

I want to introduce myself as a new and very satisfied customer of Rubaroc’s pool deck product. Several years ago, we had our pool deck covered with pavers, in the hopes this would be a permanent cover for our pool deck at our vacation home in Panama City Beach, FL. We were disappointed in the pavers, when the sand began to wash out under the pavers causing the pavers to shift. Because water could not drain without the sand, mold grew between the pavers. Needless to say, this was unattractive and I spent a lot time cleaning the pavers. After the last cleaning of the pavers, we contacted Travis Lane with PT Concrete in Panama City Beach, FL.

Upon his initial visit, my wife and I were very impressed by his professional and yet personal attitude. Travis was excited about the Rubaroc product and as a 35 year veteran salesman I was impressed because, his excitement conveyed confidence in the product. After we agreed to the contract, Travis’s team began to work the next day removing the pavers and prepping the pool deck for the Rubaroc product. During the installation, we found the entire team to be informative, friendly, professional and took great care not to damage the pool. Now that we have our new Rubaroc pool deck, the pool area looks beautiful, clean and safe. Our extreme satisfaction with Rubaroc’s product and PT Concrete’s work is being passed to our neighbors, friends and family. We even told Travis that he can use our pool deck as a show piece for others living in the Bay Point community.

I am certain Travis will be successful and continue to represent Rubaroc in a manner that should make you proud. Brian, you have a great product and a great representative.

Don, Panama City Beach, FL This would help Travis and we want to see him succeed. He is a good man.

The following testimonials were provided to our Installation Support Team members recently.

Paul & Becky Van Wylick (FlexPro Surfacing in Ottawa, Ontario)

Description: Installation of 3 large recreation rooms.

“Paul was very professional, explained everything in detail & was very pleasant to work with.” (Stephanie from Ottawa, June 15)

Description: Pool Deck

Great team, very professional & on time. (Brenda from Ottawa, June 2015)

I am more than pleased & have already recommended Rubaroc to others. Paul was very professional, always on time, courteous & fantastic to work with. (Sandra from Ottawa, June 2015)

Steve Wildman (Roc-it Rubber in Brampton, Ontario)

Description: 725 sq ft Pool Deck

“Steve & crew were phenomenal! They were professional, courteous & respectful. I would have to say that Steve Wildman is the perfect contractor! He’s patient & provides excellent customer service! I had no problems at all with him. His installers were great & it was a perfect installation.” (Steve Sabourin, Milton, June 2015)

“We are absolutely happy with the product & very, very happy with Steve’s work. He did a magnificent job. We’ve had it for 6 weeks now & love it. It’s fantastic & clean as a whistle. Steve has common sense & is a down to earth kind of guy. He delivered what he said he would!


Enjoy strolling through our Gallery of Rubaroc Installations
Gord Hannaford (Capital Smart Services in Nepean, Ontario) Gord's picture has graced the front cover of the July Rubaroc Newsletter!
Johnny Vigliotti (VIGS Construction in Montreal, Quebec)
Rob Reeve (Southwest Safety Surfacing in Chatham, Ontario)
Rob Reeve (Southwest Safety Surfacing in Chatham, Ontario)
John Belisle (Ottawa Surface Solutions in Ottawa, Ontario)
Stewart Layden (Kadilac Capital in Red Deer, Alberta)
Mark Singer (4 Seasons Estate Services in Richmond Hill, Ontario)
Mark Singer (4 Seasons Estate Services in Richmond Hill, Ontario)
Steve Wildman (Roc-it Rubber in Brampton, Ontario)
Steve Wildman (Roc-it Rubber in Brampton, Ontario)
Steve Wildman (Roc-it-it Rubber in Brampton, Ontario)
Derek & Deanna Devlin (Decked Out Home & Patio in Prince George, British Columbia)
Dale Kreviazuk (UV Pools in Narol, Manitoba)
Contact Information

Please contact any staff member with any concerns.

Canada 1-855-766-7822

Administrator: Kellie Dawson (

Technical Specialist: Tom Welfare (

Warehouse Manager: Rob Dawson (

Warehouse Assistant: Aaron Bryan (

Installation Support: Sam Meakings (

Installation Support: Antonia Loveridge (

Installation & Marketing Support: Alain Meakings (

Installation Support: Toula Bobotsis (

Head of Installations: Julian Salaberri (

​USA ​​ 1-877-782-2762

President & Installation Support:​Brian Field (

Head of Business Development Rubaroc USA:​​Barry Meakings Jr. (

Administrator:​​​Tammy Moradi (

Admin & Installation Support: Sabrina Yadlosky (

Warehouse Manager: Aaron Achterberch

Once again, we would like to thank all of the installers & mixers for all of their superb performance with Rubaroc installations!

Hope you enjoyed the July edition of the Rubaroc Newsletter! Keep an eye out for our next monthly newsletter!

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